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where are the anti vaccine statistics?

some tard on here said that 70% of vaccinated kids get the measels anyways.

another one said that vaccines actually CAUSE the illness (which technically is true, you are infected with the illness with a vaccine, but its a very weak form of the illness that cant do anything to you) but the moron made it seem like vaccines were very unsafe.

so where are the statistics?

are you really NOT going to vaccinate your kids because of this?

my professor and i were talking the other day about vaccines in my medical ethics class and i said "look, if some hippie doesnt vaccinate their kid, and my kid ends up sick with this killer illness because the herd immunity was low or the disease mutated in the sick kid before it transferred to my kid making the vaccine ineffective, then i would beat the hell out of the father"

everyone in class laughed and i said "but for real you all should have this mindset, you all should be willing the beat the hell out of a parent who makes your kid sick because they didnt vaccinate their kid because of andrew wakefield and associates"

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    The real people to talk to about this issue are those who are old enough to remember what it was like BEFORE all the vaccines and how sick a person got with those illnesses.

    I had the measles 4 times. Different strains but I got them 3 years in a row and the last time was when I was 16 and that was the German measles. Doctor diagnosed, all of it.

    All I can remember of the first 3 times was waking up to my grand mother bathing me in cool water to bring down the fever and the room being dark to protect my eyes.

    I also had the mumps and chicken pox the same years, just at different times.


    My kids never had to be sick like that with measles or mumps because by then there were vaccines for those but they all got the chicken pox because there was no vaccine for that yet.

    My oldest daughter spent hours in the tub soaking to stop the itching and had huge blisters all over her head, in her ears, between her toes and developed a secondary infection. She was 6.

    My grand kids will never have to suffer like I did and like my kids did either, thanks to vaccines.

    I watched my sister in law struggle with her walker and her wheel chair too from polio.

    She was much older than my husband and got it as a teenager.

    I never will have to see that as my kids were immunized and so are my grand children.

    Talk to the old ones who say first hand the illnesses and tears and heartaches of a mom delivering a blind baby because her other children had German measles and the unborn infant was effected.

    Talk the old ones about those who had the measles and developed pneumonia and died.

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    If you have "faith" in vaccines then you shouldn't worry about your kid getting the diseases he was vaccinated against. It's just common sense. It's all the parents wondering "why did we bother?" when the vaccines don't work.

    Where's the evidence that when someone doesn't get a disease that they've supposedly been vaccinated against that it wasn't just some fluke, or it was simply because they were never exposed to it?

    Where are the RCT's showing a demonstrable benefit in a vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated group who were injected with the live virus?

    There aren't any.

    The National Vaccine Info. Centre has links to all the statistics and they don't agree with you (the nerve, huh?)

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  • Anonymous
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    They quote those statistics without actually knowing what it means.70% (it were true) would actually demonstrate the efficacy of the vaccine.

    In most areas >95% are vaccinated...making up the larger part of the population. If the vaccine did absolutely nothing, you'd expect to see the number of infected higher than 70%.

    No vaccine is 100% effective, not everyone responds, immunity wanes over time and some people cannot have them for medical reasons.

    However, she's lying,

    She's over stating the number of vaccinated infected. In reality, the unvaccinated account for most cases.

    Not only did the alties fail high school science, it would seem they struggle with math too.

    Vaccines are extremely safe, and extremely effective. The scientific evidence is extremely one sided too. They work and due the their success, and the weight of evidence supporting vaccines, Lying is the only recourse for those opposed to it.

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  • Bruce
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    9 years ago

    There are no statistics showing that vaccines don't work. Anti-vaccine nuts appeal to emotions, not science.

    Source(s): MD
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