How come there are more atheist than Christians answering questions?

We need some bible scientist or competent pastors priests or reverends on here speaking up for God because i got to say the atheists are making us look really stupid on here and the only thing Christians are doing are quoting bible verses and not giving anything else to back what they say. i believe in God but i am not part of religion so i can't really give any good answers myself so where all the strong Christians at ?


@ yadchadhoo i read your answer and thank you for answering

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    I don't know why (or if) there are more atheists than Christians on Yahoo Religion and Spirituality but I do know that all Christians should be able to defend their beliefs, even in the face of atheism. Be assured there are many Christian scientists who can defend faith in a creator God and who can put up a strong case for belief in God. For example:

    Duane T. Gish (biochemist)

    John W. Klotz (geneticist and biologist)

    Frank L. Marsh (biologist)

    Melvin Alonzo Cook (physical chemist, Nobel Prize nominee)

    Leonid Korochkin (geneticist)

    D. Russell Humphreys (award-winning physicist)

    Lane P. Lester (geneticist and biologist)

    Gary E. Parker (biologist and palaeontologist)

    Gerald E. Aardsma (physicist and radiocarbon dating)

    Alexander Arndt (analytical chemist)

    Steven A. Austin (geologist and coal formation expert)

    Thomas G. Barnes (physicist)

    Robert Boyle (helped develop sciences of chemistry and gas dynamics)

    Wernher von Braun (pioneer of rocketry and space exploration)

    David Brewster (helped develop science of optical mineralogy)

    Arthur V. Chadwick (geologist)

    Humphry Davy (helped develop science of thermo kinetics)

    Donald B. DeYoung (physicist, specializing - solid-state, nuclear science and astronomy) Michael Faraday (helped develop science of electromagnetic / developed the Field Theory / invented the electric generator)

    Danny R. Faulkner (astronomer)

    Ambrose Fleming (helped develop science of electronics / invented thermionic valve)

    Robert V. Gentry (physicist and chemist)

    John Grebe (chemist)

    William Herschel (helped develop science of galactic astronomy / discovered double stars and developed the Global Star Catalogue)

    George F. Howe (botanist)

    James P. Joule (developed reversible thermodynamics)

    Johann Kepler (helped develop science of physical astronomy / developed the Ephemeris Tables)

    Matthew Maury (helped develop science of oceanography/hydrography)

    James Clerk Maxwell (helped develop the science of electrodynamics)

    Gregor Mendel (founded the modern science of genetics)

    Blaise Pascal (helped develop science of hydrostatics / invented the barometer)

    Louis Pasteur (helped develop science of bacteriology / discovered the Law of Biogenesis / invented fermentation control / developed vaccinations and immunizations)

    William Ramsay (helped develop the science of isotopic chemistry / discovered inert gases)

    Lord Rayleigh (helped develop science of dimensional analysis)

    Bernhard Riemann (helped develop non-Euclidean geometry)

    James Simpson (helped develop the field of gynaecology / developed the use of chloroform)

    Nicholas Steno (helped develop the science of stratigraphy)

    George Stokes (helped develop science of fluid mechanics)

    Charles B. Thaxton (chemist)

    William Thompson (Lord Kelvin) (helped develop sciences of thermodynamics and energetics. Invented Absolute Temperature Scale. Developed the Trans-Atlantic Cable)

    Larry Vardiman (astrophysicist and geophysicist)

    Leonardo da Vinci (helped develop science of hydraulics)

    Rudolf Virchow (helped develop science of pathology)

    A.J. (Monty) White (chemist)

    A.E. Wilder-Smith (chemist and pharmacology expert)

    John Woodward (helped develop the science of palaeontology)

    And from the UK: Fred Hoyle, Cosmologist; Dr Francis S. Collins, Gene Pioneer; Rev. John Polkinghorne, Physicist; Rev. Prof. Alister McGrath, Biophysicist; Prof. Frank Russell Stannard, Physicist; Dr. John C. Lennox, Mathematician; Prof. Norman C. Nevin, Medical Geneticist; Prof. John Bryant, Molecular Biologist; Dr. Denis Alexander, Immunologist; Dr. Christopher Southgate, Biochemist; Prof. Sir John Houghton, Physicist, Prof. Sir Ghillean Prance, Botanist; Prof. Bob White, Geophysicist; Prof. Colin Humphreys, Materials Scientist; Rev. Dr. Rodney Holder, Astrophysicist.

    I reccomend the book 'God, the Big Bang and Bunsen Burning Issues' by Nigel Bovrey, published by Authentic in 2008 for any Christians who want to educate themselves on how science confirms the existence of a creator God. Theology is a different discipline to Science, but we must be able to defend our position in the face of godlessness and reach out to those who will not accept the Bible as a valid source of evidence.

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    Yes, the atheists are indeed seeking to drown us out, but I'm still here, still looking for genuine enquirers! As for the atheists, since they pooh-pooh everything we say, the trick is just to ignore them.

    I have to say that the Bible does back up what we say because - erm - it's our holy book, y'know! Only, we're not allowed to quote from our holy book, are we? Sorry, I insist on doing it, because the Bible's testimony is the reason I am what I am! If it was good enough for past sinners, then it's good enough for us today.

    Nothing else has the authority behind it, because you can reason which way you like, but it's all a matter of opinion, in the end. Only with the Bible can we say 'God has spoken' and so, if they won't believe our words, then we have another witness besides ourselves, as to what God has said.

    I can understand you being turned off by reams of scriptures which, I have to say, many a time are beside the point. Sometimes believers are more keen to impress (themselves) by the scriptures they can quote (usually after someone's sermon) than to think about what really is needed to help the person asking that question.

    We are not without our problems, too, and too much 'religion' is one of them! But it's a congenital disease many Christians have, unbeknown to them. Sorry. I have observed it in many churches and with many Christians and used to suffer from it myself, so I know how the unbelievers feel.

    However, there are some strong Christians about, but it takes time to get to know them. Sometimes you think you're the only one with any sense round here, but if you stick at it, you find there are some admirable folk around who do know their God.

    The Lord said:

    'I will build my church, and the gates of hades shall not overcome it'.

    I have to say, if I didn't believe that, I think I would give up! Watch this space.

  • xuexue
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    10 years ago

    there isnt any need to answer them all. few are sincere, some have gay issues, some are trolls & most of the regulars aint interested as their minds are all made up. even prostitutes (they say so) think it is worth the time to be here. it is really a Ridicule & Sex forum than any other at times. i see many May new accounts, they dont seem to live long.....

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    Asker: "the only thing Christians are doing are quoting bible verses and not giving anything else to back what they say"....

    Just wondering, what else are you seeking? 2 Timothy 3:16, 17 (there I go again...) "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

    Notice the words "thoroughly equipped"? Simply putting, with Bible answers, every other reasoning is redundant from God's point of view. So why bother going into anything else?

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  • Tico
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    10 years ago

    Bible scientists? That is well and truly mixed up.

    Atheists only have one answer to questions. Christians have thousands of answers to explain their viewpoint. There's no point in atheists coming on here if they don't want views and that's the whole point-testing of faith.

    I've used this forum for over two years and I'm still waiting for a single response from an atheist to prove God doesn't exist. Theories concocted to explain and calculations can all be discredited. Dawkins and Hawking have recently made a complete mockery of their intelligence by their proven inaccuracy in this matter.

    As atheists have no religion, it shows a lot about them to come on a religion based forum. They don't prove their point and just like to shout like 2 year olds. There's no point talking to these people.

  • 4 years ago

    The cause I quote scripture is given that it's GOD'S phrase, no longer mine- and I wish God's phrase heard, for His phrase is strong, and will retailer sinners- Romans 10:17 says religion comes from listening to and through listening to the WORD OF GOD. One have to pay attention the gospel message with a view to obtain it. And the one manner they obtain it's through the POWER of God. It is the Holy Spirit that convicts someones middle once they pay attention the scriptures. You wish to understand how I understand the Bible is the reality? It is God's written Holy phrase? Because it is just through HIS vigour that He discovered the reality to me, by way of His phrase. Something I didn't simply think on my possess-- it was once all Him. Just like He says ( and this verse proves real in lots of folks's lives!> a million Corinthians a million:18 says that the message of the pass if foolishness to people who find themselves perishing, however to us who're being stored it's the vigour of God. AMEN!

  • 10 years ago

    Bible scientist is an oxymoron, dear. Theists tend to stay away from question which point out the illogicality of their belief, or post evasive answers. It is simply because they don't have answers for their faith-based belief outside of what they have been indoctrinated with. Pastors, etc, can only repeat what is in the Bible, and we all know what a flawed book that is.

    Source(s): I think therefore I am Atheist.
  • 10 years ago

    It's the emptiness deep inside the atheists heart. They're trying very hard to prove themselves right that there's no God. In fact, they're the ones looking for the answers.

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    10 years ago

    Atheists generally respond with a short sentence: there is no god, or god is imaginary.

    Normal christians respond with another short answer: Jesus is my savior, or a whole set of bible quotings.

    Intelligent and educated christians don't answer troll questions and only interfere with thought provoking questions.

    This is what I noticed.

  • 10 years ago

    It is much easier, in general, to answer with quick and witty you get these from both sides...(though you see them much more often from those who oppose Christians, of course. Just look at most of the first responders to this question of yours!).

    Also, most people use this forum almost like a chatroom, where a question is discussed briefly, and then almost all of the questions get lost into the abyss of the internet, frequently never seen again...and all of this happens within about 30 minutes.

    When you pour yourself into an answer, answering sincerely and honestly, it takes time, effort, and energy. You can't answer every question, but you must only select 1 every so often...and it often takes more than 30 minutes to answer, which is often outside the window of greatest opportunity.

    So, when you finish writing your response (like this answer) and finally submit it, the question has already left the "chatroom" time span...and all the potential "hearers" you could have impacted with your answer are long gone...

    In fact, it is the skeptics that frequently never see a sincere answer (though they need to hear the truth the most), because they are here for a few minutes, make a mocking response, read a few of the other answers, and then go on...

    It makes it a very tricky environment.

    I answered many questions many years ago...some very long answers that took me hours to write, and you can read them, yourself, on my profile. I stopped answering for two years and only recently started answering questions again in the last couple of weeks. I was simply led by the Spirit to share the Gospel in other venues...


    Also, you can invest a lot of time answering a question sincerely, but only to have the feeling that the person asking the question didn't even read or appreciate your answer and efforts and with the impression that no one else did, either. So, this quickly leads to burn-out of sincere, Bible believing Christians, who feel that their work here is in vain. The lack of "thumbs-up" and the many "thumbs-down" by the mockers only add to this temptation to "give up" on this battle. Jesus didn't give up on people though...and we are exhorted by the Bible to not grow weary in doing good.

    For, what we know is this:

    Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

    ...and how can they believe, if they do not hear? And how can they hear, if no one is speaking and sharing the word of God?

    Also, we know that we do not labor in vain...and God's word does not return void.


    Often, to see a truly good have to wait for people to respond and answer. But as I said, most in here are in and out of a question within 30 minutes, and never return to the question...

    So, occasionally, a very short and quick answer is "best" that the most number of people will be impacted. Othertimes, a long answer it better...but it is always a balance one must find. The longer you take, the better your answer may be, but the less people you will reach. The quicker you are, the more people you will reach, but sometimes at the expense of a really great answer. Sometimes peole want a "quick and easy" answer, others want a thorough and excellent answer. Sometimes, there isn't a good "quick and easy" answer...

    Yet, people ask such questions all the time: Why is there evil in the world? Why is there suffering in the world?

    There are excellent and true Biblical answers to these questions! But there is not a "quick and easy" answer that many would find satisfying...


    I would argue, though, that Jesus left the 99 sheep to get the 1 wandering even if only 1 person reads an answer, it is worth the time and effort. And you never know...God will likely lead one lost soul to a very old answer that not even the asker of the question ever saw...and save them!



    So, I believe that answers your question. But I took a long time, so nobody but you (and maybe not even you) will ever even read this answer that I took time to write.

    Either way, I have seen many very strong Christians answer questions in here, and have been blessed by their efforts, as I am sure many untold others have been, as well. And I do agree that I wish there were more.

    One of the chief objectives of the enemy is to flood this board with trolls and garbage, so as to suppress the word of God as much as possible. And it is much easier for a handful of people to flood these forums with garbage than it is for a handful of people to answer with sincere answers.

    Grace and peace in Christ be with you and others who do read these words!


  • 10 years ago

    pastors/priests/reverends don't waste time on internet forums, they already have a lot of people to shepherd, and not to mention, they make better use of their time if they talk to an atheist directly face-to-face rather than via internet

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