Voluminous hair for people with stick straight hair?

How do I explain to my hair stylist that I want the top and crown of my hair with volume. I have very straight hair that sticks to my head. I've explained to my hair stylists what I want, but she just doesn't seem to get it. My hair is long and all one length. How should I get it cut, how should it be styled and what products do I need to use to achieve height and volume on top & crown?

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  • 10 years ago
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    UG I have the same exact problem! I just got it cut the other day and it seems better. Get long layers, with more texture on the top (without it looking like a mullet). I wish I could show you a pic of mine. Look at the link below, that's what I normally get done. The trick is to keep it as light as possible, so dont grow it too too long, and make sure you always keep your layers freshly cut. When you style it, use a light product that will not weigh your hair down, split it up into sections, and dry it will a big roll brush. Hope this helps!


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    Pictures are a great way to show your stylist what you do and don't want. If you really want some volume you are going to need your hair layered. This helps to release the weight of the hair so you can get more volume and lift out of your blow dry. For blow drying, you want a concentrator nozzle on your blow dryer and a ceramic barrel brush works best for volume. You will want to use volumizing styling products, specifically a root-lifter (Redken's Rootful 06 and Aquage's Uplifting Foam are both amazing.) These have a nozzle to direct the spray on your roots, apply this on the top and crown area. Sectioning your hair prior to blow drying makes it much more manageable. Your sections should not be any wider than the diameter of your brush. When you reach the top and crown direct the hair upward or to the opposite side of where you wear it. By directing it in one of those directions it helps to create volume when you flip it back.

    If you have really fine hair and still need more help, you can backcomb (aka tease) it. To achieve volume and not look like you walked out of the 80's, you want to take small sections parallel to the direction that they lay, hold the hair straight up with a good taught grip and take your comb about an inch away from the scalp and brush it down, bring the comb back up and brush it down again, repeat until your desired look is reached. You will still probably have to smooth the outer most hairs once you are done.

    Your stylist should have no problem showing you how to do any this. Ask her if you can try a section yourself while you are at the salon so she can give you pointers. Hope this helps.

    Sheri at Fusion Hair Design

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