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No idea what to wear for this party?

Soo, im going to this party not this saturday but the next, and have no idea what to wear!

i have these wedges:

I was planning on wearing jeans and a top? But idk, i might wear a dress?

So could you link me too some, and some oulfits

Im from the uk so websites like topshop and stuff i mean,

i just cant find any! and you people have good style


these are the style from where im from,

idc if you like kitten heels or such, so gtfo.

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    (note: this answer is only this long because of all the links/urls)

    some suggestions

    black leggings and a sparkly long top (or maybe you could wear a top that has the style of the one in this url

    or take a look at this pic

    also maybe you wanna try some colourful sylish dresses

    take a look at these urls

    i quite liked the dress in this url

    basically just go for dresses with maybe some bling ( preferably to or above the knee)

    now for shoes

    i will advise that you wear a shoe that has the style of your wedge but maybe with more shine?

    take a look at this one in this url

    but one thing is for sure DO NOT GO TO A PARTY WEARING JEANS AND A TOP ( don't try it unless they are incredibly fashonable and designer collection)

    hope this helps and that you go to that party out dressing every girl there

    Source(s): mostly past experienes and of course topshop!!
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    Hi There,

    I think it all depends on your personality and shape. I think these wedges will look great but you have to carry them off really well. I couldn't as my ankles and legs are like stick insects and very long and I have big feet so I wouldn't go for these, I'd scale 6ft too if I wore them so I may opt for something a bit more moderate just for those reasons.. If you plan on showing off your shapey legs, then you may be able to find a really beautiful maxi dress short or long. ( stick to light summery colours , perhaps something with pink or red or leaf grean in it with a whitish background if you can find one. Or perhaps you could wear them with some taylored shorts (if you have good shapy legs that arent too thin) I think these wedges will look great if you have shorter perhaps even weightier legs as the wedges will elongate them and give them good definition. Perhaps stylish shorts. stylish waitcote, frilly short sleeved top. Or def the maxi dress short or long, I don't think a fitted dress will go to well with these.

    hope that helps

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yeah, I'm not keen on those wedges...

    Maybe just go with a dress and a leather jacket, jeans and a cool shirt with a leather jacket.

    No wedges, I really hate wedges.

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    i would either go with something really pretty and lacy, i got a lace skirt from primark, and then toughen it up with a denim studded waistcoat or leather jacket or something, you can get these in most stores on the high street, or get some leather look trousers (river island or topshop) or jeans that look like moterbike pants (i got some from republic) and wear a lacy top or something, with lots of chains and stuff! have a fun party and i hope it helpsss!!!!


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  • 9 years ago

    No offense but those wedges are really tacky, I wouldn't wear those

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Short shorts, racer back tank or relaxed t-shirt, with a blazer.

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