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How do I get my crazy rooster to stop attacking me?

I have a gigantic (about 16lbs the last time I could pick him up) 1 1/2 year old Buff Orpington rooster that about a month ago decided I was a threat to his dominance. I do have 2 other roosters, but he's been with them for quite a while, they don't seem to be the issue, he rubs against them like a cat. I know a lot about back yard birds, but I can't seem to get him to stop making me bleed. I have 16 hens, he has plenty of ladies, the other roosters have no interest in them, they know their his. He started just going after my legs, he used to be such a sweet bird that the 1st time he did it, I thought it was a joke. I started wrapping towels around my legs, because he would poke holes in me through my jeans, but that just made him start going after my hands and arms. I was bent over one day and he jumped on my back and tore it apart. Yesterday he almost met the .22 when he jumped up and pecked me right under my right eye. I'd like to say he's getting me with his 4" spurs, I'd just cut them, even though I don't like that idea, but no, its his beak. Its getting to the point where I can't go out of the house. He got my face when I went out to untangle the dog's run so I could let her in. He saw my car coming down the road the other day and made a mad dash to beat me to where I park it and just sat outside my car door.

This is technically my fiance's rooster, its the only one of our birds that he picked out and that he really wanted. We got him when he was about 6 months old. The rooster is fine with all the other animals and any other person, its just me he hates. He'll even perch on my fiance's arm like a hawk. We have 5 acres of land, but we do have neighbors on the one side who have 2 elementary school age children. With school getting out in a few weeks, I don't want this bird deciding that I'm no longer the only person he hates.

After he started attacking me, I carried something with me, a stick, shovel, hose, whatever. He just continues to attack me through me hitting him with whatever and the water from the hose. Since its easier to do things with 2 hands and my "weapon" was useless anyway, I stopped. He won't do it if there's someone outside with me, but as soon as they're out of his eye sight he's on me again. I've been told to try to hold him upside down by his legs, it doesn't have the normal effect on him, he does reverse pull ups. I was told to kick him because my body making contact with him is more of a threat to him than me hitting him with something else. Well, I did that the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th time he attacked me and it didn't do any good. Obviously, since I've lost count of how many times he's attacked me. We tried putting him in his own pen, but all he did was pace back and forth dragging his beak along the fencing and since he stressed himself out, my fiance felt sorry for him and let him out. I've been told he's just too big of a bird, but there isn't anything I can do about his size.

My fiance won't let me kill him. That's what my dad did when I was little to the 2 nasty RIR roosters we had, but they were also nasty to everyone. I told my fiance that if I accidentally killed him one day trying to beat him off me I wouldn't feel sorry, my fiance told me that I just better make sure not to kill him. I have a friend who wants to take him. His Buff Orp rooster just died and the ladies are lonely, but my fiance won't let me get rid of him. I swear he cares more about that bird than me.

Since I can't kill him, and I can't get rid of him, does anyone else have any other suggestions, that I haven't already tried? I really miss being able to go outside and spending time with my other birds and animals. Thanks in advance for any advice.


Lol Perla! I've tried a hose, but that's one heck of a hose with what I'm sure is a much higher PSI than mine. :)

Update 2:

Yogi, I get my way 99% of the time and I've been with him 4 years, that's a lot of my way :), and given the fact that he really wanted this bird is why I think he's not letting me get rid of it. I personally like the idea of giving him to my friend best too. He seems to think that if it attacks one of the neighbor's kids the neighbor will just kill it, I've tried explaining the suing us thing, but he doesn't think the neighbor would sue. I like how its okay for the neighbor can kill him, but I can't. Hey, maybe I could just ask the neighbor to kill him? There's a thought. Its not that I don't like the bird, he's beautiful and used to be the sweetest thing ever, he just doesn't like me anymore. :(

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    I grabbed my attacking rooster by the neck, just under the head and held him off the ground till he stopped squirming and dropped him. He will not come near me now. They are being territorial and protecting the hens so you can't be too mad at him. I read the whole book and then there are more details, LOL.

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    You are not allowed to protect yourself from an animal that is making your life an absolute hell? You can't get rid of the rooster either ? Being a very senior citizen ,and having seen a lot of life, you should seriously take another look at your relationship with your fiance. Obviously there is no room in his life for compromise. Do you want to spend the rest of your life prisoner to your fiance's whims? The solution is so obvious.Give the rooster to the friend that wants it. That way your fiance can visit it when he feels like it and you will be free from fear. If your fiance doesn't agree ,he holds you in very low regard. Usually I would say your fiance was right but this is more than some type of jealousy. This is a matter of safety and quality of your life. Think over your your relationship very carefully. Also start denying ownership of that rooster.When those kids start playing in their yard and the rooster attacks ,someone will get sued. Too bad the rooster isn't attacking your fiance. Good Luck.

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    We had a crazy rooster. I named him Fred. You couldn't get out the back door. He would lie in wait and attack every time. We had an old badmitton racket and I used that to 'deter' him. He got so bad tho we had to get rid of him.

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    Sounds like you have a problem. Try and google it. hope i helped.

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    you kill it

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