Realistically speaking: can any wh1te man explain this slave master fetish that many of you have?

i've seen it many times wh1te men will place ads of dating sites or craigslist talking about dominating a bl@ck female and wanting to role play as a slave master and she be the slave ... its mostly older wh1te men.

isn't this kind of sick?

i'm being totally serious too


@ trina and toshi like i said above, i see WM asking for this i dont see BW putting this in their profiles. so until you can explain this gtfo

Update 2:

mike seriously stop bringing up Italians in every questions... nobody said they owned slaves...

Update 3:

seriously mike there you go bashing black men again, its all you ever do... talk about being Italian and talk about black dudes... LMFAO

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    9 years ago
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    Omg, I have to star you because I'd love to see some real answers. I first heard about this in an article I read about a White man in Alabama who was being charged with raping and murdering a Black girl, but the rape charges were dropped because he had evidence that her scars and wounds were because he said they were having "slave sex", I read that in confusion and disgust, like wtfh in jesus is "slave sex" and in Alabama too?!? I looked it up.... >.<

    BUT to be honest, I really don't think its so uncommon on a certain level. You should see the movie "Goodbye Uncle Tom" it was made in the 1970s by some Italians and it was banned in the US, but it makes American slavery look like some huge orgy, like every Black girl in the entire movie seems to be topless. Then, I'm a history major at my college, and I've had SO many awkward moments in classes where slavery and sex come up, some professors go waaayyyy too into detail and they'll have half the lecture dedicated to the sex lives of wm and bw on plantations and they make it sound so perverse. One class I had abt the ARAB slave trade my old, White prof made a joke that the trade involved mostly Black women as sex slaves because "Everyone knows that no sex harem is complete without a Black African girl in it" & he laughed, and I turned as red and my black self could get & died a bit inside because I was the ONLY Black person in the entire class while others around laughed because I guess it was supposed to be funny, idk.

    Edit: The part I deleted from this earlier was that one night I was talking to my friend Doni and she's Black & likes White guys, and I'd just found out abt this so i told her and she freaked out, so we got this bright idea (being mischievous) to come online and post a question as a Black girl trying to get over our fetish to be dominated by white men, and we got sooo many responses and emails from guys. I posted it here in the relationships section I think (like a yr ago) and there were even abt 3 different users in that section who sent us their facebook pages asking to meet up. I'm being 100% honest! The user Marco has the Q too, or he used to because he'd try to embarrass me abt it on here saying its proof I like White guys, lol. Little did he know the story behind how it happened, lol....

    @Verna Below me:

    I don't anyone is saying its "all White guys" at all, just some of them.

    I think its because people focus on the sexual part of slavery a lot because its so taboo. Its abt complete dominance and submission. Thats not hard to see, I've read books on slavery where its like a porn. I read a book called "Wench" that has scenes where the slavemaster is having sex with the women on the kitchen table and other crazy things in detail, and its a serious book about slavery! I've read so many perverted history things that it doesnt shock me anymore, but people just dont talk about it, thats why this Q is so hilarious & sad to me, this is like an underground American fetish.

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  • 3 years ago


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  • 3 years ago

    Slave Fetish

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes here we go.

    There are 750 million white men in the world, and all of them enjoy slavery because Americans done it.

    Can you please specify between white men and white AMERICAN men.

    I see what you're trying to insinuate and it's not going to work.

    But no, for every white men that has a slavery fetish there will be a black man that does aswell.

    The idea that some gene could be passed from some people in Alabama to every white man in the world in the space of about 40 years is ridiculous.

    I have no desire to act out being a slave master of a black woman and I'm a white male.

    To stereotype all white men on a few experiences would be like me asking "Why do all black people steal stuff!?" because I've been robbed by 2.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    They probably have seen a couple of videos of that nature and want to do the same. Those kind of videos in general are all about sexualizing and fetishizing ugly stereotypes. If you think about other people who are into domination, however disturbing it may be it's not hard to understand. In this country both black men and women are stereotyped as being unable to govern their sexual desires. Black women by virtue of their curves and stereotypes about black or dark skin being masculine are seen as less feminine than other women. Obviously this isn't true, but it is a white nation we live in. So I think that's where that slave master/black female slave probably comes in. It's a contrast to the pretty innocent white girl, getting gang banged by a bunch of black guys. Don't ask why I know so much.....

    Edit, my brother's gay and told me once there's even a market for gay white men having sex with "thugs", go fig. From what I've heard gay white men don't show much love to gay black men. But there's a market for dominating "thugs". It seems like some of them are actually attracted to the stereotypes their media creates about us. Weird!

    Edit, @KING, I was kinda sick about that too. They try to kill us in the media, but try to show themselves dominating those same stereotypes in adult movies.

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  • White man role plays blacks ones still do it! What about dat bea'icth?

    There's worse then that. If I could have things ma way you'd have a thing to biea'cth abo't fer'reals! I'm being total serious.

    I wasn't gonna answer this way until, I saw a poster in here talk ma white man down. As if blacks were saints...


    Source(s): you..
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Agree with Rasheeda

    Submissive Asian school girl

    Big black thugged out black man

    Ghetto thick black women

    Petite usually blonde woman/ paired with black guy or a bunch of black guys, taboos about race

    Hot Hispanic tomale/Female

    Latin Lover

    Pornography is all about exploiting are pre-existing stereotypes about each other. The people you're referring to probably read about all the black women that were gang raped to death during slavery and got hard. You know how whitey is. They have an insatiable need to dominate. I think black women are seen as strong and willful. In this country blacks in general are seen and uncontrollable, violent, oversexed an any other of the things that whitey says about us through propaganda. So some people are going to internalize this sexually and want to dominate us. Think about it, if black men are seen as more virile and black women are seen as sexually untamable, than what does that say about a white man or women who sexually conquers someone of color. Most porn is geared towards white men. Which is why most of it is so sick. Remember who those films are created by and for, everything you'll see in them will be a throw back to something racist.

    Edit - Mike, no one cares. Anytime someone says something about black history on this site there's an Italian saying they didn't own slaves. No one thinks. That's your guilty conscience speaking. But we have seen the Sopranos and enough of your comments before you changed your name from Common Sense to know exactly how Italians feel about blacks. But like I said, you're Italians and we don't care. . . .

    Edit - I guess this is a nice wake up call for any of you blacks out there who chase after whites.

    Edit - Rasheeda, that must explain why white guys stare at us so much.

    Edit - Mike/Common Sense/Pretends to be black women while trolling black men - Are you counting your church in that statement you said about rape? Your Italian Catholic right? What about American corporations trafficking humans, or white humanitarians raping children in third world nations and after natural disasters. Where does all that figure in?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A lot of white men are obsessed with being able to control and dominate someone else (this doesn't just apply to women) I guess they get off feeling bigger or more powerful then their spouse or person there sleeping with plus many white men have a secret liking for black women (some based on relationships, many based on sexual gratification)

    Why do you think many hopped onto asian women, they use to ridicule asian women in the media until white women turned feminist, when this happened they felt to lost power and control over their women so in turn a lot of them started to date and marry asian women to regain that power and control they had with white women..

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  • Ryan
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Was this supposed to make me really h0ny?

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  • 9 years ago

    Its cause way too many black women agree to it

    get some respect

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