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Titanic是一部1997年發行的美國電影,部分是根據1953年的同名電影改編。這部電影創下了世界有史以來最賣座電影的紀錄。其內容背景1912年鐵達尼號郵輪在其處女航時觸冰山沉沒的事件,在這個背景中加入了虛構人物的愛情故事。 Titanic雖然係以愛情片作為拍攝手法,當中女主角是生活於上流人使社會,他們必須滿足某些限制,由於文化,例如,他們必須穿緊身的衣服。您也可以比較中國與西方文化在限制婦女。在故事中,rose的婚姻是外表上是她自己決定,但其實因為她的母親想掙錢拯救家園。而男主角是一年輕的流浪畫家靠賭博幸運地贏到了三等艙的船票,手持三等艙的男主角當然不可以隨便頭等艙,到反映出當時階級觀念十分嚴重。另外船公司為了讓Titanic創造橫跨大西洋的最快紀錄,不顧潛在的冰山威脅暗示船長要求提高船速,在北大西洋撞上冰山而沉沒,由於缺少足夠的救生艇,1500人葬生海底,造成了在和平時期最嚴重的一次航海事故,也是迄今為止最著名的一次。許多乘客雖然逃離了船身,但因為未能搭上救生船,而在沉船時一起被吸進海內,或者是泡在冰冷的海水中失溫而死。如果當時有足夠的救生艇及船長顧及乘客的安全,Titanic並不會造成意外。

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    Titanic is an American movie which was published in 1997. Some parts of the movie were revised according to the namesake movie published in 1953. This movie hit the record of the ‘Most Popular Movie in the World’. This movie set in 1912 in the Titanic, which was a liner. Titanic sank because it hit an iceberg during its first sailing. The love story of fictitious characters was added. The heroine was a high status person in the society. High status people needed to satisfy some limitations because of some cultural factors. For example: they needed to wear tight clothes. Although this movie talked about love mainly, we can compare the limitations of women between China and the West. In the story, the marriage of Rose was determined by herself seemly. Actually the marriage was determined because Rose’s mother wanted some money to save her family. The hero was a young artist who won the steerage ticket of the Titanic by gambling luckily. Of course he couldn’t go to the first-class cabin because he only owned a steerage ticket. This reflected the serious concept of classes at that time. Moreover, the shipping company didn’t care the potential danger of the iceberg so that Titanic could be the fastest ship which crossed the Atlantic Ocean. The company threatened the captain to increase the speed of the ship. Finally the ship sank because it hit the iceberg. One thousand and five hundred people died because there were not enough lifeboats. It was the most serious navigating accident in the age of peace. It was also the most one up to now. Although many passengers escaped from the liner, they couldn’t get on the lifeboats. So they died because they sank or soaking in cold seawater for a long time and caught hypothermia. If there were enough lifeboats and the captain cared about the safety of passengers, the accident of the Titanic wouldn’t form.

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    High status people needed to obey some limitations because of some cultural factors


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    Finally the ship sank because it hit the iceberg in the northern Atlantic Ocean.

    我想加番 in the northern Atlantic Ocean 呢句

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  • Titanic is a American move made in 1997. The part of the movie is planned according to the 1953 Titanic movie.This movie has been set as the world record of highest grossing films. The background of this story is that In 1912 the contents of the Titanic when the ship in contravention of an iceberg on its maiden voyage sank the event, in this fictional character is added to the background of the love story. Although the film Titanic is to love as a shooting style, which the heroine is living in the upper class people of society, they must satisfy certain constraints, due to cultural, for example, they must wear tight-fitting clothes. You can also compare Chinese and Western culture in the restrict women. In the story, rose marriage is ther own decision. because her mother wanted to make money to save their homes. The hero is a young street artist lucky enough to win by gambling to the third-class tickets, holding third-class main actorof course we can not first class, to reflect the concept of class was very serious. Other shipping companies across the Atlantic in order to create the fastest Titanic record, despite the implied threat of a potential captain of the iceberg for greater speed of the ship, hit an iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic.

    due to lack of sufficient lifeboats, 1,500 students buried in the sea, resulting the worst peacetime maritime accident, it is the most famous one. Although many passengers fled the boat, because it can not catch a lifeboat, and in the wreck along with being sucked into the four seas, or soak in cold water hypothermia and died. If there were enough lifeboats and the captain account the safety of the passengers, Titanic, and will not cause accidents.

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