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最近台灣的飲品市場,吵的沸沸揚揚的,據說有一種叫”塑化劑”的致癌物質 被攙入果汁的飲料中,因此,在台灣的這些天,不要亂喝東西,口渴時喝礦泉水最好。



在不想傷害台灣的形象之下, 怎麼樣輕描淡寫 ? 不要讓客戶害怕 ?

Update 2:

According to newsr, there is a chemical additive added in few juice & beverage.

We should be more careful on drinking beverage during the stay here in Taiwan.

Mineral water is the best.

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    Taiwan's mass media has been all hyped up lately on the topic of a carhinogenic "plasticizer" which has been reportedly put into some fruit drinks on market. You'll be on the safe side as long as you keep an eye on what you drink during your stay in Taiwan. Mineral water is highly recommended in quenching your thirst for the time being.

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    哪些產品有塑毒? 輸入產品名稱搜尋馬上知!



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