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What could possibly be wrong with me?

Ok so here's what's happening and I need someone to tell me whether I'm losing my mind or is some thing wrong with me.

So first off my head hurts constantly.

When I lift things or stand in one spot to long or lay propped up on my elbows I shake like crazy.

I zone out and I just don't see or hear anyone or any thing.

When I'm trying to focus on my work I hear things like bubbles popping or random sounds.

I forget how to do things I've been doing for years.

I slur my words( and no I do not drink or do any sort of drug) like I forget how to talk.

I don't sleep much.

I don't have much of an appitite.

But I've gained weight.

Pls help me I feel like I'm going retarted. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I'm going crazy. is this true or could there be something medically wrong with me ???

HELP ME!!!!!!

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    I have gone through a similar thing since I got sick after I got a vaccine a few years ago.

    www.anxietyzone.com is extremely helpful, there are a lot of people who feel the same way you do.

    I am recovered now, and I owe it to these things:

    1) Ignoring the symptoms. This was the hardest part, it's so hard to ignore symptoms that are so scary and I still have trouble sometimes. Mind you, I was investigated by a lot of doctors and everything checked out perfect. So if you haven't had any work ups or seen your doctor yet, please do so to rule anything out.

    If you are well to sit at your computer, remember how to type (and your writing sounds coherent and normal), you are still pretty well off.

    2) Look at your diet. Are you consuming caffeine? Artificial sugars, flavors, sweeteners? These can contribute to some very scary feelings for people who don't have a high tolerance. Even if you can tolerate them you are better to cut them from your diet.

    3) Clean up your sleep environment. Do something at night that makes you sleepy.

    I was having a lot of trouble falling asleep, but have been immediately helped by magnesium, taurine, 5-HTP supplementation. Acupuncture and soaking in natural hot spring baths (in the forest) also has wonderful effects if you have access to them.) Community acupuncture clinics are usually affordable.

    IF YOU ARE TAKING AN SSRI OR MAOI DON'T TAKE 5HTP (prescription medicine for mental health), if you are on a medicine, they could be causing more symptoms than benefits.

    4) A light exercise program should help. I do ballet. But anything that gets you moving mildly (something you can ease into) is ideal at this point. even just stretches at home and learning some breathing techniques could go a long way.

    5) If possible, take some time off. Try to create a support network of those closest to you to help you in this and the above advice. Learn to take breaks or relax your mind in your off time if you cannot take a vacation. You may be overextended.

    6) seek professional help: acupuncture, counseling, functional medicine drs, naturopaths are all good places to go if you have the means to.

    Source(s): Health and Nutrition Research Personal Experience http://pixipatrin.blogspot.com
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    go to the doctor. And not having much of an appetite or not eating much and still gaining weight isnt too weird. because your body needs to get its energy from another source then when its not fed and so then you end up not losing weight because of where it goes for energy. And also how long have you been like this? I was sort of sick the other day and this is almost exactly how i was at work. I kept forgetting what i was doing. You may be zoning out and just hearing other things around you because your not focusing on anything else. That may be why your hearing bubbles popping or random sounds. If you have recently (like last week or few days) been feeling like this it might be because your sick otherwise if it has been longer or even just how you are now, go to the doctors. I felt like this the other day and i have never been so weird and out of it when i've been sick like i was that last time.

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    9 years ago

    There are a few things on your list that could be of concern (or could be nothing at all). I'd strongly suggest you see a doctor and let him run some tests on you.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    See a doc asap. It could be many things

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