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How are health safety and nutrition interconnected ?

pick and identify the major concepts and or important points that teachers should understand : safety for young children, basic concepts of food and nutrition and nutrition and the child

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    Nutrition keeps your body healthy, to keep your body healthy you need to keep it safe. These are how these concepts are interconnected. Nutrition for the child is different than and adult. They need more of some nutrients than adults and less of some others than adults. There should be a diagram on a child's food pyramid on the internet and print that out then compare it to an adult food pyramid and see how the serving amounts differ. Children also need to learn the difference between good food and bad food. They need to know that good foods can taste just as good as bad food and be fun to make like ants on a log or ladybug apple snacks, but they also need to know that bad food occasionally is ok, just not in large amounts. Hope this helps.

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    Developmental domains are interrelated and

    interconnected. Learning opportunities should reflect the cultural and linguistic

    diversity of children and families.

    HEALTH, SAFETY AND NUTRITION Curriculum Standard

    HEALTH, SAFETY AND NUTRITION Children will begin to take age-appropriate responsibility for their actions, basic self-care needs, health, nutrition, and safety.

    By the end of the year, students will be able to:

    Engage in a range of basic activities such as: Tooth brushing. Dressing. Eating. Toileting. Hand washing.Demonstrate awareness of and ability to follow basic rules and directions that are intended to keep children safe in regards to: Personal safety.

    Recognize and communicate self-identification information such as: First and last name. Name of parent and caregiver. Gender. Age. Phone number. Address. Share awareness of practices related to good physical health such as: The role of doctors and dentist. The importance of making healthy food choices.The importance of getting regular exercise and rest.

    Source(s): Supervisor through the Comisssion of teaching credentials
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