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is it possible for me do an mbbs in india and then do md/ in harvard med school? what is the process for a?

i terribly want to do neurosurgery in harvard med school. after mbbs in india. what tests do i have to give, and what all papers do i have to send? and also...i do not have access to one year of united states education so what do i do now???


in case you do not UNDERSTAND my question, mbbs is bachelor of medicine and is like premed. no i want to go to med school abroad for super specialty in mbbs is not yet over....(in 2nd year) and since i have no education in neurosurgery, goodson, how do you expect me to get a practitioner's license? please read before you answer.

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  • 9 years ago
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    You cannot receive education from one school in a country and another from another country and be licensed as a neurologist. They have different specifications for each country, especially when it comes to a high degree of medical sciences. Since you do not have access to a year of United States education, I would recommend moving to India and studying neurosurgery there. But then, be prepared to live in India, work in India, etc. Moving to another country, such as the United States, with a neurosurgery license from India would prove difficult.

    Well, I'm not sure what you mean by not having access to a year of United States education. Since there are probably not a lot of medically experienced people on Answers, working in the hospital and science labs, you're not going to get a sufficient answer.

    I would finish your MBBS and then go to Harvard Medical for training in neurosurgery if you can. Maybe work as intern?

    I'm answering this to the best of my knowledge. You imply that I don't understand your question, but how can I if you don't understand how or where to ask? Certainly Answers isn't the proper place. Learn some good manners and consider a course in English, you need it for grammar. Good day, sir.

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