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Anonymous asked in Politics & GovernmentImmigration · 1 decade ago

Unites States/Mexico?

10 points best answer? PLEASE. I would really appreciate it if you could help me. Its just these 5 questions. You don't have to answer all of them, but just anything would be great. Thanks.

1. What is the historical background of the two countries?

2. How did a relationship begin between the two countries? Was the first contact friendly or hostile?

3. Has one country exerted dominance over the other or has the relationship remained equal in nature.

4. What natural resources have been available in each country? Have resources or land been the basis for the relationship?

5. What is the relationship of the two countries today?

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    The United States became independent in 1781. Mexico in 1821. The United States Constitution of 1789 was a model for the first Mexican Constitution of 1824. America attracted many immigrants, enforced the rule of law, and industrialized rapidly which brought great economic prosperity. Mexico... stagnated with little reform. America needed more space and Mexico had lots of it, so America sent white people across the border illegally, sent slaves to Mexico (slavery was illegal in Mexico since 1824) and took 55% of Mexican territory because America had a bigger army and bigger guns. America kept prospering and Mexico just... stagnated. America conquered Cuba, P.R. and the Phillipines and attacked Mexico during WWI because Germany asked Mexico to attack the US (even though Mexico rejected the offer). Mexico had a bloody revolution. In the year 2000, Mexico became a democracy for the first time.


    The first contact was friendly (independence) then hostile (Mexican American War) then Friendly (French Intervention) then Hostile (Tampico Affair) then friendly again.


    American has exerted dominance over Mexico ever since Mexico's defeat in the Mexican American war. America is the pimp and Mexico is the ho.


    Both Mexico and America have many natural resources. The difference is that America uses it's natural resources and Mexico doesn't. Both countries have copper, gold, petroleum, agriculture land (although America has much more) and Mexico has silver mines. Resources are part of the reason why the countries are friendly to each other. Mexico produces more oil than it uses, and has lots of cheap labor - these commodities are exported to the US in exchange for American goods such as cereal and baseball bats.


    The countries are friendly to each other although Mexico has a lot of problems because it's the ho in the relationship.

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    1 decade ago

    I have the impression you are not from this country and so I shall answer you as though you were from a distant land.

    The last book I read on Mexican History was 1005 pages long, and to short by at least that much again. I only have twenty books on that history, and the most valuable are the histories written in the 1940's, 1950,s and 1960.s.... and in the Mexican (sort of Spanish) language.

    I have read about 2,000 books on the History of the Untied States and that is short of needed by perhaps three times as much.

    If you look at the map of the United States and Mexico, and then look at the Rio Grande, you will see a dividing point in a very, very large desert. In earlier days, the hostile Indians were the only ones who knew where the water was, and they usually didn't take prisoners.. they simply killed the Europeans of the last wave of immigration. So... you did not just jump on your horse and head north, or jump on your horse and head south. In the early 1900's, you need something much better than a Model T to get over the desert, and the end of the story is that until very recently, the two countries did not 'converse' across the border. Border Towns were small, and very water poor. Mexico's side was worse off than the American Side.

    Dominance.. In small ways, but not in very big ways. The U.S. wanted Mexico's support in the First World War, and the Second World War, and with Cuba, but never got it. That conveys a great deal about the relationship. Even now, with the illegal aliens, the Mexican Government is doing very hostile things and that tells you a lot about the relationship again.

    Natural resources in both countries has been extraordinary. Mexico developed its side early with the Conquistadors actively looking for Gold and Silver. Iron Ore along with the rest of the Heavy Metals needed in an industrial nation were available, but there was a very important aspect to Mexico most ignore. It was run by the owners of very, very large tracks of land.. it was the Hacienda System of Government. That kind of system raised cattle.. and frequently did not do industrial processes such as mining. As a result, only gold and silver attracted attention and Mexico was very, very wealthy. Mexico City was crazy rich, but to many Mexicans wanted the other fellows gold, and trouble began that wound up crippling the Nation. Three Presidents of Mexico, for example, stole the national treasury, and headed for the Gulf of Mexico. Two of them made it too.

    Such things as 'lands' set aside for the mutual relationship didn't happen. It was massively desert, and until the ability to build damns in the areas where they could be built on the Rio Grande, the U.S. and Mexico did not co-operate on mutual projects along the border until into the 1950's period. That time period because Mexico was involved in an internal civil war that was probably the most brutal war on this whole continent. The Mexican Revolution of 1910-1930.

    Now.. links that will help.

    CIA - The World FactbookU.S. government profiles of countries and territories around the world. Information on geography, people, government, transportation, economy, ... factual and excellent.

    This looks cheesy.. but it will actually head you in a good direction.

    Good. But the Mexican Side is not as good as the U.S. side.

    This does well for much of your questions. Not perfect...

    This is the University of Texas.. it is excellent if not the best in the world.

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    1 decade ago

    USA All the Way

    Mexican/American War battling over The Alamo in Texas Hostile as Mexicans wanted The Alamo Land

    USA has exerted dominance over Mexico


    Still battling over land

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    1 decade ago

    If you want essays, google it.

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