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Anonymous asked in Social ScienceOther - Social Science · 1 decade ago

European Theatre and Pacific Theatre?

OK so I know what a two front war is but are the pacific theatre and the european theatre each individual two front wars??? if they are where did the fights take place in each of them like I know the pacific theatre one of them was Pearl Harbor but where else? So if that makes any sense PLEASE ANSWER!!



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    The number of "fronts" being fought on in each theater of operations varied over the years. When WWII started in Europe, the Germans attacked Poland (1 front) and faced the British/French on another (2nd front, since they declared war several days after Poland was attacked, or 1st front from left to right on a map and closer to us? Your call.) Later only Britain remained fighting in the Battle of Britain air phase, but the Italians had attacked in North Africa, so was that a second front? What about the Battle of the Atlantic versus the submarines? Is that separate? The Russians, once attacked by the Germans, wanted the allies to open a second front IN Europe, but North Africa, Sicily and Italy came first. After landing in Normandy, southern France was also invaded...was that another front? We were still fighting in Italy, and the Yugoslavs were trying to drive out the Germans too (and eventually did.)

    Now for the Pacific Theater...the Japanese attacked China in 1931 and that a front? They attacked the US at Pearl Harbor and islands across the Pacific, is that a front? They invaded IndoChina and Indonesia, and later India. The US attacked back via the Central Pacific and the Southwest Pacific, was that two fronts? The area of China, Burma and India was called the CBI Theater of operations...or was it a front of the Pacific war? When the Russians attacked the Japanese in Manchuria in August of 1945, was that another front opening up, or just an add on to the China front going since 1937?

    Get a map or historical atlas and take a look...there are enough place names here to show you the issues. It was a global war.

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    The German surrender on 8 May 1945, and the Japanese surrender on 15

    August 1945, together marked the end of World War II. Of the estimated 16

    million Americans who served during the war, 406,000 had died and almost

    79,000 were missing. The war with Germany resulted in roughly 24,000

    unaccounted-for, and with Japan over 54,000.

    >406,000 had died

    World War II (1941-45)

    Total 293,121 670,846 115,185

    European Theater 185,179 498,948 66,805

    Pacific Theater 107,903 171,898 48,380

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