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what are the diferences between .45 acp and .45 gap?

also which is better .357 sig or .40 s&w

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  • 9 years ago
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    It was pretty much specifically designed for Glock .45's. It's basically just a shorter casing length so it can fit in smaller handguns.

    As for the .357 or .40, it depends on your intentions. If you want to stop someone with less shots, but a higher chance of missing your target, go with the .357... If you want larger magazines, less recoil, but still pretty good man-stopping power, go with .40 JHP, which is what I have with my FN-FNP.

    EDIT: take out the "larger magazines" part for the .40, I was comparing it to the .357 magnum. The .357SIG still has more recoil then the .40 though... I also find the .40S&W ammo to be a little cheaper.

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  • 9 years ago

    The .45GAP is a shortened, lighter version of the .45ACP and is loaded at what .45ACP +P is.

    The Sig is better.

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