when did china looses its power and when did Britain gain its power in the Industrial revolution?

maybe china losts its power after opium war

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  • Exco
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    9 years ago
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    China kept on top of the ancient world with continual technological and social advances, in other words to be a superpower is to have more money and bigger guns than the rest of the world.

    Britain surpassed China in this aspect in the Industrial Revolution, where mechanised processing lines increased efficiency and output, decreased production value and gained heaps of profit in return. Britain also held profitable trade routes between British colonies worldwide that garnered unprecedented amounts of wealth, which in turn fuelled Britain's industrialisation and their ongoing world domination.

    China lost to Britain in the arms race because late Qing emperors reduced China to a largely illiterate agrarian nation that fell behind the times on both technology and ideology. When the British government openly invested in technological advances the Chinese imperial court prohibited what they called "western blasphemy" and barred radical thinking from "infecting" the Chinese masses. Through time the Chinese government went unchecked, corruption sucked the country dry and it was a matter of time before China's once impregnable walls would break down.

    The loss of the Opium Wars was only an indication of how weak China had become, the rotting backward thinking that hindered China infected the nation long before the crushing defeats.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yeah, I don't think China necessarily 'lost' power, but she was beyond embarrassed after the Treaty of Nanking which granted Britain extraterritoriality in China. Britain led the Industrial Revolution and was ALWAYS a global superpower and I suppose even more power came with that same treaty.

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