Scam or legit? I received a check in the mail:?

I got a letter from a company named Paid Marketing And Surverys Inc. They enclosed a check for $1,371.02. They explained that this check is for me to got deposit to my bank account and once funds are available I am to keep $200 for myself. $1,045.00 to send via Western Union, $86.02 for the fees and $40.00 to go into a Walmart, Kmart, Jc Penny, Best Buy or Sears and buy something which I get to keep. Then I have to fill out a form that explains how I was treated at Western Union, how easy was it to find the location among other things. I also have to tell them how I was attended at the store of my choice. If it was clean and carried the items I wanted. Has anyon heard of this? The check is from Massachussetts Postal Employees Credit Union. It looks real but I am very skeptical. Please help!

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  • 10 years ago
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    Fake check scam.

    The check may clear at first, but can bounce months later.

    Clark Howard the CNN guy had a show on how it works.

    You will send money to them, and then that fat check bounces.

    And.. they can take additional money out of your account later

    How did you get on these scam lists?

    By filling out an online survey. People that fill these out are statistically more likely to fall for any scams. You will get junk/scam mail for years to come. Be careful !!!

  • 4 years ago

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  • mike g
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    10 years ago

    lol,lol, google it and see what happens cant believe you are here asking, Iv had the same type of stuff happen on craigslist when selling items, scam

  • 10 years ago

    scam. you dont just get checks for 1k in the maol

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