inexpensive solid state NC switch with time delay?

i'm looking for a normally closed SPST relay type solid state device, that when current/voltage is applied to it's gate/trigger, it will:

1) open the load (turn it off)

2) keep it open while the current/voltage is applied to the gate at *around the same amount* of trigger current/voltage

3) keep it open for a few milliseconds after the gate/trigger current/voltage drops lower than the holding threshold.

4) after a that immediately closes the load again.

preferably cheap

load voltage: ~6V

load current: ~500mA

... but it opens it, so i guess breakdown doesn't matter that much

gate/trigger: ~6V

gate/trigger: ~500mA

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  • 9 years ago
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    go to your local computer store and get a pnp diode with heat-sink w/12 volt rating and your set Geno

    Source(s): carnal knowlege good luck Geno
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