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Answer these simple history questions?

Which of the following are reasons why enslaved Africans were brought to the Caribbean in the 17th century?

i. The Kalinagos resisted enslavement

ii. Indentured labour was in short supply

iii. Sugar plantations needed more labour than tobacco farms

iv. Africans were willing to work on sugar plantations

(a) i and iii

(b) ii and ii

(c) i, ii and ii

(d) ii, iii and iv

Which of the following was not a problem faced by settlers in their attempts at sugar production?

(a) Demand for sugar was low

(b) Estates were expensive to establish

(c) The expertise to make sugar was little understood

(d) Labour was difficult to attain

The British Caribbean planters who supported the abolition of slave trade did so MAINLY because of:

(a) Law

(b) Religion

(c) Morality

(d) Economics.

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