Andre Berto - Ortiz is using!?

Berto, who got his tail kicked in recently by Victor Ortiz in what is probably the fight of the year, has decided to come out and blame his loss to Ortiz on Ortiz possibly using performance enhancing drugs. Here are some of the tweets from Berto's twitter:

"there is a reason why he came into the ring 165 pounds. I know people close to him and his camp and I know exactly we he was taking"

"Let me clear the air now!! Your right there is a reason why Ortiz had so much energy, a reason he could take my heavy shots and keep ticking"

"No it wasn't Flintstone vitamins!! But it is what it is I should of beat him anyways but it wasn't me that night. Ortiz wasn't him either lol"

My thoughts:

First off, this is cowardly. Do you mean to tell me that whenever a fighter loses in spectacular a fashion as Berto did, that his opponent automatically has to be taking steroids? This is GARBAGE and it hurts the sport!

Second, Berto with his style of punch and clinch would NEVER IN MILLION YEARS beat a guy like Ortiz, who's aggression sealed the deal for him.

What are your thoughts on this, boxing fans?


@Cheyenne - Sad but true.

Update 2:

@Killa - I wasn't raised by my parents, I was raised by my grandparents, who are Old School. Both my parents are long gone.

Update 3:

@Killa - Also, I do not appreciate being goaded into picking a best answer that doesn't suit what they like or don't like. I pick best answers on who I feel truly gives the best answer, not about race, creed, color, or what not. If I like their answer I pick them. I do not appreciate being told what to pick, as I do not go to yours or anyone else's answers and suggest that they pick what I like. That is VERY disrespectful and I am surprised at you that you would say this to me.

Update 4:

@Killa - I always wish everyone a balanced day. My ancestors, the Aztecs, believed in what is known as Ometeotl (which is Nahuatl for "two god"). Ometeotl is the Creator, the creative energy that balances out everything in this world and is what gives every human being life. In short, Ometeotl is what my ancestors (and myself) is basically what "God" is to Christains, what "Allah" is to Muslims, etc, etc. If I were still a Christian, I would be saying "God Bless you." To be evenly balanced means to have no extremes, good or bad. just level, which is how I try to live my life, evenly balanced, without bias. No offense intended.

Update 5:

@Odlanyer.. thanks for that.. guess he bit off more than he could chew (no pun intended) with that PED comment.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I was beat up in 6th grade by this gigantic tom boy, maybe she was on some roids too. Know what Im gonna find every one that has whiped my *** in my near 17 years of living and accuse them of juicing.

  • 9 years ago

    This doesn't surprise me at all. I mentioned, in a letter about Pascal's accusation of Hopkins, that I wouldn't be surprised if we see more accusations. It's becoming a trend. Pascal acted like a child and was unable to accept the fact that he lost to Hopkins twice -bad decision not withstanding. He had his ready-made excuse because he didn't have the confidence to believe he could beat Hopkins.

    I mentioned before that Pascal was jumping on the bandwagon. It goes back to Mayweather's accusation of Pacquiao. Whatever his reasons were for the accusations, they don't mirror Pascal's. Pascal did it because he saw that it brought attention to Mayweather and pointed a negative finger at Pacquiao. IOW, it worked for Floyd, why not try it?

    Floyd's main reason for point the dirty finger at Pacquiao is that he has no other way to wage a war of words. At every turn, he feels upstaged by Pacquiao. He might very well be able to defeat Pacquiao in the ring. Time may tell. But he is no match for Pacquiao in the psychological war. He can't rattle Manny's cage the way he broke Oscar and Shane to pieces before the fight began. He did a masterful job on those two but he can't budge Manny and this really irritates him. As for Pascal, he only saw that it got a response and decided to try the same. Now, it's Berto's turn.

    Judging by Berto's interviews, in other fights, it seems that he just doesn't accept the possibility that he just lost to the better man that night. I wonder if he ever considered that coming in at 145 might not have been a good idea against a physical fighter like Ortiz. If I'm in Ortiz' corner, I'd have him fight Berto the exact way he did. He smothered Berto, taking away his tools. It's the style you use against a fighter like Berto.

    Unless he can provide definite proof, I really think Berto should keep his mouth shut, accept the loss and, if he really thinks he's the better man, go for a rematch. I'm sure Ortiz would accomodate him. Judging by the first fight, I see the same in a rematch. Then, what will the story be?

  • vino
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    9 years ago

    So cleaning up the sport ey? This drug testing issue from Floyd have gone farther than what he was intended it to. Instead of 'so called' to clean-up boxing, it rather started a status quo where whiners and sore losers resort to accusations and allegation that their conqueror was on drugs and that the commission did not able to do what they have to do- to identify cheaters.

    True, in this era roids and the likes might widely proliferate across the sport we love- boxing. But we can't just tell the commission for example the NSAC to change their drug testing procedure because we boxing fan, who merely don't know anything deep about medical and drug matters demand for it and - we just want it so you NSAC better obey us. See, it is just ridiculous to dictate what proper procedure fans want the commission to execute. Fans are no experts and so are boxers like Floyd, Pascal and Berto to tell the commission what to do.

    Yes there is the Shane case, the Vargas and the list goes on and on. But whether haters believe this or not, drug testing 10 years ago is not as exact as today. True it is still urine testing, but the identification and testing of the specimens greatly evolved to improve since then, so let the commission do what they have to do.

    In this era, Floyd started this trend. He said he demand for OSDT to clean up boxing? Well, he is doing it well today - state of the boxing world >>> accuse your conqueror or someone who you think will beat you of taking something illegal.

    How can you stop this witch hunting in boxing? I don't know, let the commission do their part boxers do their best to train hard so that they will not accuse their opponents if ever they lost the fight and fans should stop hatin, be vigilant and have and open mind - don't be hypocrite.

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  • 9 years ago

    Sore loser. It is a common practice in boxing now for the loser to cry steroids whenever they loss. This fighter should get sued too. They should learn how to be responsible on every word that they said.

    I agreed to your thoughts that this is garbage and hurting the sports. It is sickening to hear this kind of words from a fighter like him who can not accept defeat.

    @Sean G.

    In where I came from, there is a lot of lawsuit reserved for people who just open their mouth without considering the consequences. Defamatory words that was thrown like nothing was being met by a court date. Abusing the freedom of speech and expressions is unacceptable. The importance and the responsibility that goes with this freedom was being taught somehow if not in school, by a responsible parent and if not, let the Court of Law do the teaching. It took a very long struggle and a lot of lives in some places to have these freedom just to be abused now. The ring is just one place to teach fighters and the court of law is another.

    @ Mr. Jose Martinez,

    Andre Berto backtracked. Victor Ortiz is on Spinach, lol.

    @ Kizmah,

    You were right Bro. I tried to research but I can not find it. It is only on one listing but not on his bio and other articles. Now you know why I didn't bother to mention him in your question regarding IBHOF.

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  • Sean G
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    9 years ago

    1) Here we go again! This whole Steroids/ PEDS phobia can easily be solved by bring universal OSDT into professional boxing. Commissions need to do more. Killa, we can't act like no ever could or would or did use steroids in boxing. It has happened, it can happen and it will happen until proper safe guards are placed in the sport to stop it. Just like Nasim caught Margarito's gloves...where was the commission on this? Isn't it their job? Individuals (boxers) would not be able to make accusations if the proper stops were in place to. I know many of you hate Mayweather, but he and Ward are right that something needs to change. In my opinion, this isn't about racial can you love boxing and support the allowance of cheating. It's too easy today.

    2) Ortiz/ Berto was an amazing fight because both guys were even in skill and were knocking each other down.Neither are great. It's my Fight of the Year so far. Unfortunately, Cotto/ Margarito was my Fight of the Year at the I think Margarito cheated in that fight.

    3) It is tough to accept your first loss. The loss cost Berto money and future status. I don't think he should throw around unfounded accusation. I think he underestimated Ortiz. Again the climate of boxing makes this possible though because there isn't proper testing (see Mayweather, Pascal).

    4) If you watched (and more importantly, listened) to Ortiz/ Berto on HBO, many times you could hear the HBO guys saying Ortiz fought like he was possessed. I honestly wondered at that time was he possibly on something. He never looked that good at 140...EVER.

    5) odlanyer, boxing matches aren't won in the court. I am not a fan of this "I'll sue trend." It reminds me of my 2nd graders, "I'm telling." Really?! From boxers?

    6) Just as there is no evidence that fighters like Ortiz or Hopkins are dirty, there isn't sufficent evidence that they are clean. There will never be until boxing enters the 21st century and starts OSDT

  • 9 years ago

    This is cool. I make excuses when I lose in something to, it's the thing to do. Like if I lose a game of hoops, I'll blame it on fatigue or some kind of old injury or something like that. You ain't really a competitive person unless you make excuses because a competitive person likes to win. Anyone who says they never made up an excuse after a loss is a straight up liar. People need to quit b*tchin about steroids and such, there ain't no OSDT so get over it. People act like they care so much about steroids, but we never even talked about steroids until Floyd accused Manny. Tell me I'm wrong on that too. Berto should take steroids to even out the score or he needs to get proof or he needs to get a rematch or he to not fight him again without OSDT or he needs to shut up.

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  • 9 years ago

    I completely agree with Normen Bates.

    This will now continue to happen i'm afraid and i bet someone will accuse Amir Khan next because he is with the same camp as Pacquiao with Roach and once again Alex Ariza!

    I can't wait for this new urine testing that can detect HGH,it can't come soon enough and once fighters can be properly tested to prove they are clean then these accusers like Berto,Pascal and even Mayweather can be punished for throwing these allegations around or they can be praised if the accused test positive!

    It's ruining the sports image IMO! I can't believe that a sport like boxing doesn't have a strict enough testing process to eliminate PEDS from the sport.It's outrageous

  • 9 years ago

    One of the pitfalls of Boxing having out dated, inadequate, urine testing is that we don't have enough legitimacy to prove Andre Berto wrong. Before fans turn this into a Mayweahter-Pacqauio, Ducking, Olympic Style testing debate I think we have to be logical.

    Truth of the matter is Boxing's testing policy can has has been manipulated, Shane Mosley being a prime example, and without the type of deep in depth testing we don't have enough evidence to prove Berto wrong and say "No Oritiz was clean because he passed an in depth Blah Blah Blah".

    Personally, I don't think Victor Ortiz was on anything. I just think he fought on the Inside and Andre Berto fights like a glorified amateur fighter with no inside fighting ability. When he's close he either grabs you, steps back and throws an uppercut, or steps back and throws a right hand, but other than that those are Berto's only moves on the inside.

    Ortiz took what Berto had trouble with, fighting on the inside, and exploited it by crowding his space and making in work. He was tougher than they expected, his corner had no answer, he lost, and since Boxing doesn't have the type of testing needed to prove him wrong he's going to say whatever he wants.

  • 9 years ago

    ooo...very interesting, i never really thought of him as being a guy who takes steroids and if he did, steroids does not increase your ability to take shots...when vargas took steroids he was big and strong but he wasnt quick at all...he dwindled in the late rounds against de la hoya...not the case with ortiz...ortiz maintained his strength the entire fight...and worked until the end...berto is just crying, when he fought collazo...collazo worked the mess out of him and he was exposed, it was only a matter of time until someone closed the deal and ortiz closed the deal

    p.s. i just saw a tweet from anthony dirrell...what a jerk, hes mad cuz he stinks...him and his bro

  • 9 years ago

    Now everybody feel what Pacquiao felt. Good...

    Let's go and accuse everyone of roids. What about LeBron James, Nowitzki, Tiger Woods, Beckham, etc? Maybe Osama Bin Ladin is on roids, too. It took 10 years for America to find

    WADA & NADA will be raking dollars.

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