-- Some AR-15 opinions and advice?

Hello--I need some advice concerning an AR-15. I am looking at a Colt AR-15 6520 Gov't Model A2 that sells here for 950$ (1,400$ for the Colt M4A3 carbine). I want to convert the M2 non removable handle with a flat top and mount optics. So my question is ~ which optic/scope would you choose for a 6520? - (I believe it is a 16 1/2' barrel). I am willing to spend some money on a scope but don't want to break the bank (I do not need premium combat vision). > OR would you just buy the 6920 M4A3 - as the flat top conversion might add up $$$. Please give me advice with your AR knowledge, any ideas are appreciated.

The rifle will be used very moderately to improve my shooting ability and accuracy (as well as owning a quality AR).



I have a series of rifles ranging from the Remington 700 BDL to the Mosin-Nagant 91/30. I am researching the AR as a new project -- not necessarily a extreme distance sniper rifle. I greatly appreciate your response.

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  • Levi
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    Shooting accuracy comes from good technique, not a particular type of weapon.

    Good optics will help you see your target, but not hit your target.

    In addition, the M16 (A2 when I was in) is only accurate out to about 500m for a man sized target. If you are really trying to hone your technique then you will need to attempt further distances, which means you will need a bolt-action rifle. Remington 700 gets my vote. Not only is that design inherently more stable, you can purchase a better chamber for long range shooting. The 5.56 just won't cut it. A .308 or .30-06 would both be good for distance, easily handled, and both rounds can be easily found and purchased.

    If you're insistent on a AR type weapon I can't offer much advice. I don't do a lot of match shooting and junk. However, keep your mind open to alternatives. The AR-15 can be a very quality weapon, but it's not always the best choice.

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