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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

What Connections did Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin have with the Mob or Mafia and did he have any mob friends?

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    Sinatra garnered considerable attention due to his alleged personal and professional links with organized crime, including figures such as Carlo Gambino, Sam Giancana, Lucky Luciano, and Joseph Fischetti. The Federal Bureau of Investigation kept records amounting to 2,403 pages on Sinatra. With his alleged Mafia ties, his ardent New Deal politics and his friendship with John F. Kennedy, he was a natural target for J. Edgar Hoover's FBI. The FBI kept Sinatra under surveillance for almost five decades beginning in the 1940s. The documents include accounts of Sinatra as the target of death threats and extortion schemes. They also portray rampant paranoia and strange obsessions at the FBI and reveal nearly every celebrated Sinatra foible and peccadillo.

    For a year Hoover investigated Sinatra's alleged Communist affiliations, but found no evidence. The files include his rendezvous with prostitutes, and his extramarital affair with Ava Gardner, which preceded their marriage. Celebrities mentioned in the files are Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Peter Lawford, and Giancana's girlfriend, singer Phyllis McGuire.

    The FBI's secret dossier on Sinatra was released in 1998 in response to Freedom of Information Act requests

    A biography on Martin entitled Dean Martin: King of the Road by Michael Freedland alleged he had links to the Mafia early in his career. According to this book, Martin was given help with his singing career by the Chicago Outfit who owned saloons in the city, and later performed in shows hosted by these bosses when he was a star. The mob bosses were Tony ("Joe Batters") Accardo and Sam Giancana. Freedland suggests Martin felt little sympathy for the Mafia and did them small favors only if it was not inconvenient for him. Another book, The Animal in Hollywood by John L. Smith, depicted Martin's longtime friendship with Mafia mobsters "Handsome Johnny" Roselli and Anthony ("The Animal") Fiato. Smith suggests that Fiato did Martin many favors, such as getting back money from two swindlers who had cheated Martin's ex-wife Betty out of thousands of dollars of her alimony.

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    What Connections did Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin have with the Mob or Mafia and did he have any mob friends?

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    Frank Sinatra And The Mafia

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    Frank Sinatra And The Mob

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    It is rumoured that the mob helped them - Mario Puzo makes a thinly veiled reference to Sinatra in the Godfather. In the nature of these things you would be hard pressed to find any evidence.

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    Martin is originally from Steubenville, Ohio. And got his start from the local mafia there.

    Source(s): Dean Martin Biography
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    Dean was Kewl-cool :)~

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