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So right now i have a good deal for a Schecter Omen6, a Gregg Bennett Avion, or an SG Special. What should i do? If you have anymore ideas for a guitar tell me because i really need a new one


Don't answer unless you are giving me an idea for a guitar, the only reason i don't want to spend more than 500 is because i have an 1100 dollar Gibson, i just want this to mess around it.

Update 2:

i play mostly rock music, mostly 80's and 90's grunge, looks are important to a certain degree as long as it isn't that bad. I would like to stay away from off brand guitars, or guitar brands that aren't too big.

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    Save a little more and buy a Schecter Hellraiser special. They are 600$. Don't bother with a Floyd rose, they are a pain in the a**.

  • OU812
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    I like most all of the Mexican Fenders I've played. I have owned some of the standard and Blacktop series. They are all under $500. Ignore the cork sniffers that think a guitar has to cost $1000 to be decent. I have guitars that cost less than $500 and guitars that cost over $5000 so I know some really good guitars can be had for little money and I know exactly how they compare to more expensive ones.

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    hes right, if you want a good one you might need to spend between $750 to $1,000 but if I had to choose out of your choices you have here I would choose the shecter. But hell save a little more and get the esp ltd EC-1000 FR.its only $900

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    I'd stay away from floating bridges in general, they will ruin the guitar for you.

    so if you can edit your question answer this, what music do you wish to play?

    Are looks important?

    Are their any brands you don't want?

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    if you want a good one? spend more than 500 dollars.

    Source(s): experience -worked in a music store
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    I am a Fender Strat guy....

    Source(s): own it, love it
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