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86 year old father is having hip replacement surgery...how long in the hospital?

My father is elderly, 86, in somewhat good shape except for heart arythmia; he is going to have a replacement in a few weeks. He had a replacement about ten years ago on the other side and did reasonably well. He is currently on Coumadin for blood thinning. What would be his likely stay in the hospital? I don't want him to be released too early because I want him to begin the recuperation safely. The hospital stay the last time was a week.

Is it likely that they will release him in 2-3 days?


He is on Medicare (United States) and he purchased supplemental insurance. His hope is to have a hospital stay of at least four days with some rehabilitation in a facility for a couple of weeks to follow. He reasons that concentrated therapy will get him active more efficiently. However, Medicare requires that a person stay the minimum of three (3) midnights before an extended rehabilitory stay is possible.

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    The length of his stay would be affected by how he is doing. It also wouldn't be unusual for him to spend some time in a rehab situation. I had both hips replaced in separate surgeries. The last day of each of my 4-night stays were classified as "rehab" although I was in the same hospital bed. This classification costs less for that day. The patient still receives therapy. Vitals are taken less often. That's about the only difference I could detect. Some patients may go to a separate rehab facility for stays of a week or two before going home. I wasn't on Medicare when I had my surgeries so I don't know of the requirement that a patient must spend 3 midnights before it will cover rehab. But when you think about it, 3 midnights would translate to include surgery day plus 3 more which would get him dismissed on day 4. Is there a problem with this?

    If he is in such good shape that they send him directly home, he would most likely have a couple of weeks of home visits from a visiting nurse and physical therapist. This is what I had instead of going to rehab center. They came about 3 times a week for 2 weeks. Again, you and he need to ask his surgeon about all this.

    I would say "no" it isn't likely that they will send him home in 2-3 days. But why not ask his dsurgeon now what kind of stay is expected and then keep in touch with the surgeon for any updates as his recovery progresses? Accompany him to his pre-op visits with your list of questions so you can take notes.

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  • 9 years ago

    There are a lot of factors in play here. His age, the blood thinners, etc. Even if he's doing well, I would hope they don't release him that quickly! He will most likely have a slower recovery this time, just because of he is 10 years older than the first hip. The older one gets, the more difficult recovery from a major surgery is. My mom is the same age as your dad. She had one hip replaced 10 years ago, also, and then the other one last summer. This recent one was painfully (no pun intended) slow. She's doing great now, but I really hate to think that they would "jump the gun" and release him so quickly. Will he be going to a rehab facility? That's a rough surgery, especially at that age! Good luck to him, and you. I know how you feel. I feel the same way about them getting out too quickly!

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    You do not say in which country you are living but in my country and the hospital where I work the usual stay is between 3-5 nights with 4-5 being the normal for an older person. If you are paying for the surgery yourself you can choose to stay longer but if the insurance company is paying a range of nights stay will be stipulated on the admission form. If you are in the public free system the stay is about 4-5 nights in my country.

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