help find Sharri Rae Miller birthmother?

Sharri was born March 9, 1965. I was adopted in 1992 at 3 years old. I am now 22 years old & have been trying to locate her and her family. I have a son and I'm interested in learning about my family history. I have already been scammed on the internet for a lot of money. I am really trying to locate her and her family. I was born in Panama City, Florida. The adoption took place in Indiana. If anyone knows of her or her family, I'd greatly appreciate any feedback. She has 2 sisters named Judy and Brenda and a brother named Eddie. Her mothers name is Cindy. I was in foster care of Pam and Chuck Pettit... PLEASE if anyone knows anything please respond!

Or if you know of somewhere I can get actual help and not get scammed I'd really appreciate it. Thank You. Keisha


Kelly M - it wont let me answer you post, I've looked on many different sites. It all keeps telling me different things. Do you know Sharri?!?! Last thing my parents & case workers knew was she'd moved to Texas and New York.

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