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I have a new puppy, should I give him raw-hide chewers?

I have had puppies and dogs all my life, they have always had raw-hide chewers. However I am hearing a lot of controversy about them being good for the animal. Its been 12yrs sense my last dog was a pup, and would like some other opinions....

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    Actually, rawhide chewers can lose chunks which can choke your puppy or cause an obstruction in the bowels, not to mention the questionable ingredients used to flavor them. Something like a nyla bone or other flavored hard-to-destroy chewer is much better. Some of them come with a scent the puppy attracts to, and can keep your dog entertained for hours.

    There is also a product out called "Kong." You insert your choice of edible treat inside them and the dog has to chew really hard to get the treat. We use them on our dogs and they go nuts for them. Just make sure you watch for signs of wear on the toy to avoid a piece breaking off. The toy tells you that on the package, but I've never found one to break up yet. We've been using them for years.

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    I had one dog that loved them and was fine with them. My current dog loves them, but they make her intestines bleed, so we've had to stop giving them. After you get a $2000 vet bill for testing and x-rays, you'll probably figure out you shouldn't give them anymore rawhide. Try bully sticks instead. They love the smell and taste and they're way more digestible. They last longer than rawhide too. If your puppy is at least 4 months, you can try RAW marrow bones. You get them from the meat section at the grocery store. They're chunks of beef bone with marrow inside. Dogs LOVE them. Just make sure you feed them raw or they'll splinter and cause all kinds of problems. After they've chewed out all the marrow, they like to gnaw on the bone forever.

  • I don't feed them. They too often come from China and contain all kinds of gnarly chemicals.

    The secondary issue is that some dogs, especially larger dogs, literally bite off more than they can chew. They swallow too large of pieces of the rawhide and it causes an intestinal blockage.

    If you buy a 100% USA product, and you have to read the label CAREFULLY (not a company in the US that gets its meat/product from China, not a company in the US that sends the product to China to be made, etc), then rawhides under proper supervision can be just fine. Take it away when it gets to the point that it's too small to chew and too large to swallow.

    Personally, I play it safe and buy USA pig ears, Flossies, and bully sticks.

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    Personally I hardly ever give them and if I was going to give them I would be in the room watching them as they can be a choke hazard I even had a friend rush her dog to the vet and he had to pry the chew out from the dogs teeth. I also think they are just a time waster for the dog and wasted calories. Instead go take your dog for a good run.

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  • I would skip them. They aren't digestible, because of this they lead to many blockages each year. Most are also treated with some pretty nasty chemicals. They also leave a film on the teeth so don't really promote dental health either.

    Bully Sticks and Antlerz make great chews though.

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    i surely do no longer reccomend uncooked conceal something for canines to chew on. an outstanding form of persons swear via them however the concern is that exceedingly the uncooked conceal can splinter off and get caught interior the intestines. In turn that creates severe discomfort for the canines and in many circumstances demands surgical treatment. and that's considerable surgical treatment because of the fact it tears the lining of the intestines and creates an outstanding form of bleeding. this is in case you will possibly be able to as properly locate the money for that style of surgical treatment. an outstanding form of persons allow you to comprehend that the likelyhood of that occuring is narrow, yet i'm telling you from journey, this is oh so subject-unfastened. so some distance as giving the domestic dog chew toys, please be careful. it may additionally inspire the domestic dog the thought that this is o.ok. to chew on different issues that resemble that toy (like fixtures) to no longer point out, issues getting lodged interior the intestines.

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    For every dog owner, you will get a different answer. Everyone thinks their way is best. Personally, I feed raw meat to my pups from weaning. They get raw chicken wings, to include the bone. They also get pigtails and deer antlers to chew on.

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    Some dogs have to be trained differently due to certain natural instincts. Learn here

    This is how I trained my dogs, hope it helps:

    Throw the toy, give the command "fetch" or whatever you use and have the dog bring the toy back. Don't let her know you have the treat. (If she knows, just hold it behind your back.)

    Grab the toy still in her mouth and say "thank you". She should release, if not hold the treat in front of her nose. When she lets go, quickly praise her and give her the treat. Pet her alot too. Do this over and over. Then after a week or two, give her a treat one time, but not the next, giving her praise both times. If she does not bring you the toy, ignore her. When she does bring it to you, do as above.

    When she plays tug of war, do the same, tell her "thank you" and put a treat under her nose and when she lets go, praise her and give treat. Give the toy back, sometimes they don't want to bring you the toy because they think you wont give it back (hence the "throwing it" part of fetch).

    If she runs away with it, let her go. To her it's a game, "watch me make them chase me" is what she's thinking. If you don't show interest in it when she runs, she'll stop, but this will take time too.

    Enrolling in training classes can help too. Just be consistant.

    I play tug of war with my two Great Danes and there is never a problem. When I want them to let go I say "thank you" and they drop it immediately. Sometimes they win, sometimes I win when I say thank you. Its all about training and dominance. They know I am Alpha in the house, there is no question about it and I am consistant with training.

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    If you want rawhide for the flavor, try giving some chewy dog biscuits. If you want rawhide for chewing, change to rubber bones instead. They are a lot safer and cleaner.

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    its fine i just make sure that they are within reasonable size for the dog

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