Does the backwards (In sign language) I Love You sign have the same meaning as the front I Love You sign?


By turning backwards I mean. When the back of the hand is facing you. And the thumb, pointer finger, and pinky are only showing.

Also what does it mean when the hand is placed on the chest with hand turned to the right with the knuckles out infront the pinky finger, pointer finger, and thumb are also pointing to the right using the left hand ?

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    9 years ago
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    You mean if you turn the hand towards yourself? That would mean you are saying you love yourself or you could ask it in a question 'do you love me'?

    Remember many signs in ASL are directional. But there are rules as to how a sign needs to look. For example if you did the ILY sign with your palm down facing the floor that does not mean anything until moved, unless you are talking about a parked plane getting ready for take off for example.

    Source(s): Involved with the Deaf community for over 6 years, fluent in ASL, and an interpreter
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  • 3 years ago

    I Love U Hand Sign

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