On a scale of 1-10 rate these names and why?

Rate these names please 1-10, and reason why you rated it that.

Also you will be the best answer if you do all of the above and include the origin and meaning of the name!! :)

For girls:

Zoey (or Zoe??)

Rachael (or Rachel?)








For boys:












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    9 years ago
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    Zoë - 7/10, this spelling is more grown up than with a y. I quite like its meaning (life, from Greek) but I don't see it suiting grown up women.

    Rachel - 8/10 I like this name, it's sweet and feminine. It's Hebrew, and means ewe or one with purity. Gained a lot of popularity from the tv show Friends, I think.

    Megan - 4/10 this is a Welsh diminutive of Margaret which is Greek and means pearl, although in many European languages marguerite/ margarita or similar means daisy. I don't like nicknames as full names.

    Charlotte - 8/10 I love this name but can't use it because it's my cousin's name. It's a feminine French version of the German name Charles which means free. I think it's adorable.

    Donna - 2/10 reminds me of Dr Who!! It means woman in Italian.

    Delia - 2/10 reminds me of the chef. It's Greek and means 'of Delos'; Delos is the birthplace of the goddess Artemis

    Audrey - 9/10 beautiful name, nice associations too. It's Anglo-Saxon and means noble strength.

    Stella - 5/10 reminds me of the beer Stella Artois, or Stella for short. It's Latin and means star, hence the adjective stellar.

    Brooklyn - 2/10 don't like geographical names. It's after the New York borough which takes its name from the Dutch town Breukelen, near Amsterdam, where the founder was from. This is an Anglicisation and actually has nothing to do with brooks.

    Chase - 4/10 don't like the violent connotations. It literally means chase, in English.

    Jack - 6/10 cute but don't like nicknames as whole names. It is an English diminutive of John which in turn is Hebrew and means God is gracious.

    Gerard - 1/10 I think it's really ugly! It's German and means strong & brave.

    Garrett - 1/10 again really ugly! It' is either derived from Gerard or the English word garret which is another term for an attic.

    Kennedy - 1/10 don't like surnames as first names. It's from Gaelic: either Ó Cinnéide meaning grandson of Cinnédidh or ceann + éidigh meaning ugly head.

    Jared - 3/10 inexplicably dislike it! It's Hebrew and means ruler.

    Devon - 0/10 seriously do not understand this as a name! I live in England where Devon is a rural county famed for cream teas and cows!

    Brendon - 5/10 it's ok, don't think it will age well though. It's Irish and the name of many saints.

    Shawn - 0/10 horrible misspelling of Sean, the Irish form of John.

    Shane - 0/10. Chav name. A derivative of Sean.

  • 9 years ago

    Zoey: 7, just a cute name.

    Rachael: 4 I prefer Rachel, I just don't really care for this name. Too common, and generic, there's no character to it.

    Megan: 3 Too bland.

    Charlotte: 5 Too much character, all I think of when I hear this name is a goodie-two- shoes.

    Donna: 4 That 70s show, and it's just not that pretty of a name.

    Delia: 3 Too odd, sounds too much like deal, idk, just don't like it. (And I'm all for unique names! :)

    Audrey: 7 It's a good name, pretty, but I don't think I'd name my kid that.

    Stella: 3 It's just an ugly name.

    Brooklyn: 7 It's cute, it could fit any person.

    Chase: 7 It's nice, but just nice.

    Jack: 5 Too meat headed.

    Gerard: 4 Too up-tight of a name

    Garrett: 5 It's an ok name, but just ok

    Kennedy: 4 (for a girl I'd rate it, 7, though.) Too girly, great for a girl though. :D

    Jared: 3 Kinda hillbillyish.

    Devon: 7 It's nice but really common

    Brendon: 4 I like Brandon better

    Shawn: 4 It reminds me of a boy I went to school with, so now I don't like it that much

    Shane: 7 Its a plain name, but it's great

    I am a pretty tough judge on names, but all these are pretty good. Also, I never thought of Kennedy as a name I'd like but I think would be really cute for a girl.

  • 9 years ago

    For girls:

    Zoey (or Zoe??) = 2

    Rachael (or Rachel?) Rachel = 7 P.S. Don't like spelling Rachael

    Megan = 3

    Charlotte =3

    Donna = 3

    Delia =3

    Audrey =5

    Stella = 2

    Brooklyn = 6

    For boys:

    Chase = 5

    Jack = 5

    Gerard = 0

    Garrett = 1

    Kennedy = 1

    Jared = 1

    Devon = 2

    Brendon = 3

    Shawn = 3

    Shane = 3

  • 9 years ago

    Zoey (or Zoe??)- 9/10 I think its really cute.

    Rachael (or Rachel?)- 9/10. I always like this name, its pretty common but I still love it.

    Megan- 7/10 I like it, but its not girly enough.

    Charlotte- 9/10 LOVE it.

    Donna- 5/10 Kinda old school.

    Delia- 7/10 cute. but Im not sure id use it.

    Audrey- 8/10 cute but i like aubrey better.

    Stella- 8/10 its pretty. I plan on naming my daughter Estella.

    Brooklyn- 7/10 nice but used alot.

    Chase- 9/10 really cute.

    Jack- 7/10 its alright.

    Gerard- How do you say that?

    Garrett-9/10 i like it, ive only heard of one person with this name.

    Kennedy- 5/10 more for a girl

    Jared- 8/10 i like it better when its spelled Jarrod

    Devon- 6/10 its alright.

    Brendon- 6/10 i like it spelled brendan

    Shawn- 2/10 dont like it.

    Shane- 4/10 its alright.


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  • Bloph
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    9 years ago

    Zoe - Love, I love Z names. 10/10

    Rachael/Rachel - A bit common but still good. 8/10

    Megan - Too common, I hear it everywhere, not a fan. 6/10

    Charlotte - Classy and beautiful. 9/10

    Donna - A bit old-sounding. 5/10

    Delia - Super cute. :3 8/10

    Audrey - Not my favorite, but a good name. 7/10

    Stella - I really like this one. 9/10

    Brooklyn - This is actually my favorite name. I don't think it's that common at all. 10/10

    Chase - This one's nice. 8/10

    Jack - A nice strong name. 8/10

    Gerard - Never been a fan. The name sounds... slimy to me. I don't know why. 5/10

    Garrett - Nice, I don't think this one's too common but I like it. 7/10

    Kennedy - I know two Kennedys that are girls, so Kennedy will never be a guys name for me. 2/10

    Jared - I like this one but it reminds me of the jewelry store "He went to Jared!!!!" 7/10

    Devon - I like this one better on a girl since I know a Devon that's a girl. 5/10

    Brendon - One of my favorites. 9/10

    Shawn - I like this spelling better than Sean. 8/10

    Shane - Nice. 9/10

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Zoey- I prefer Zoe, it is an ok name. 6/10

    Rachael- I prefer Rachel, it is quite nice. 7/10

    Megan- It is quite nice too. 7/10

    Charlotte- I really like it it is very pretty. 10/10

    Donna- I don't really like it but it isn't terrible. 5/10

    Delia- It is quite pretty. 7/10

    Audrey- It is average. 5/10

    Stella- Not bad but not my fave either. 8/10

    Brooklyn- I quite like it. 8/10

    Chase- Ok, I like it as a middle name. 7/10

    Jack- I really love it. 10/10

    Gerard- I don't like it much at all. 3/10

    Garrett- It is ok. 5/10

    Kennedy- Again, it is ok, nothing special. 5/10

    Jared- Quite nice. 7/10

    Devon- Quite nice and uncommon. 7/10

    Brendon- I prefer Brendan. 6/10

    Shawn- I prefer Sean. 6/10

    Shane- Ok name. 7/10

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