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How much do guinea pigs usually cost at pet stores?

I would like to buy a guinea pig at the pet store. I was wondering how much money the guinea pig would be. Also, how much do cages usually cost? And how much money do toys cost? Do I have to buy bedding for the bottom of the cage?

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    Some of my best guinea pigs came form pet stores, however, you do need to take your time when picking one out, I have interview many guinea pigs over as much as 2 months before finding one that met my requirements. To pick a guinea pig you want one that is very calm but curious. Go to my You Tube site and view How to hold a Guinea pig, in that video I show you how to chose a guinea pig.

    It is very important your guinea pig has enough room to run and play with out hitting the end of the cage, I am very fond of a cage made by Super Pet, it is 47" long, by 22 wide and 22 high, and has a huge door on the top and a big door on the front so getting in it is very easy, and your guinea pig is safe from any house hold cats or dogs. It is 8" deep so you do not get bedding or poo on the floor like you do with most cages, It is on wheels so it is easy to move about and clean. It also has a second floor which is great for feeding its hay and greens so they do not get mixed up in the bedding, view Cage Super Pet to see it, it only sells for $89.00 not $120,00 it did when it first came out as I paid for my two and am very happy with them.

    Yes you should put bedding in the cage, it is very important to have at least 4" of bedding so your guinea pig is always dry and clean. Clean the spot they potty in every 3 days and the entire cage every 7 days. View Feed and Seed, in that video I show you how to purchase 12 cubic feet of pine bedding for only $10.00 and that is about 1 tenth of what you would pay for it in a pet store and will last you for months, I have 2 cages and it lasts me for 3 months.

    Guinea pigs really do not need that many toys, they need a lot of attention form you though. One thing I really like is The Twig Tunnel, which is a woven willow house for guinea pigs made for them to sleep in and to chew on. I find my guinea pigs also use it as a toy, they like to make figure eights when they run and play in their cage and always run through the house. So they sleep in it, play with it, and chew on it, I have had better luck getting them to chew in it than any thing I have given them. Go to Boys Playing 2 and you will see my boys having a blast in it.

    Guinea pigs cost from $30.00 and up at the pet store, you can also find them at Feed and Seed stores that carry small animals and the one near me only charges $10.00, The guinea pigs you get at the feed and seed stores are usually healthier that at the pet store.

    Feed and seed stores are also know as Feed Stores, Feed and Farm Supply Stores, Farm Supply Stores and Tractor Supply Stores.

    Diet is very important also, feed your guinea pig as follows, this is for one guinea pig.

    Unlimited guinea pig pellets that are 18% protein and has a high amount of Vitamin C. with no seeds or colored stuff.

    Unlimited hay 24/7, up to 6 months of age pregnant, and nursing it should be alfalfa as it is higher in protein and calcium so is good for their growth spurt, development of the pups, and production of the milk.After 6 months of age change to timothy, orchard grass or any good grass hay you can find at the feed and seed store. view A Good Buy to see how to purchase enough hay to last you for months for only a tad over $4.00

    1/2 to 1 cup of dark green leafy greens daily such as kale, romaine lettuce, chard, parsley, dandelion greens, red and green bell peppers.

    Fruit should only be fed every 3 days if at, as it is to high in sugar, also it is to high in acid and if fed daily will cause mouth sores.

    Change the water daily to assure they are drinking ample fluids.

    Source(s): 32 years dedicated to caring for and loving guinea pigs
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    I got my two guinea pigs from petsmart for about $35/each. The cost goes up with supplies, obviously. I would try to get a guinea pig from a rescue organization or shelter, though - I wish I had.

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    Guine pigs are good animals, we breed our own.

    At the place I work, we have baby guine pigs for $20.00, but if you buy a guine pig at a fancy pet-store like pet supplie plus or Petsmart, they might be more expensive.

    Cages vary from different prices, Sometimes you can get used cages for around $20.00, but new cages can be as much as $90.00

    you can use tanks too (they are just as good)

    toys,food, ect are all pretty cheap, they are all around $10-20.00\

    yes you have to buy bedding, MUST.

    and you have to buy a special kind of hay for them too.

    and dont forget the water bottles.

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    Please do not buy a guinea pig from a pet store. You would be supporting mills and the cycle of abuse. Telling them its ok to treat animals this way.

    All pet stores are like that.

    Its always best to adopt. You can look on and at shelters and rescues.

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