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joan asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



The feathers were all different colors,like a rainbow.

They sparkled in the bright sun like jewels.


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    指 某人做某事像甚麼 或某事物看、聽起來像甚麼

    既然是像甚麼 就常接名詞


    like a man/child/dog/baby/woman/dream/cat/dog/bird/fool…..等 例:1. He was working like a dog in order to pay off debts.2. Like a dog, he sniffed the air.3. Don’t treat your husband like a dog.4. He heard a snarl outside, a high throaty cry like a child.5. That picture is a bit like a child’s drawing.6. The way you’ve written ‘r’, it looks like a bird flying.7. He dropped from the roof like a rock.8. Finally she’s singing like a bird.

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    雨過天晴 大大

    Good job! +1

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    prep. 介係詞

    1. 像;如:They are like brothers and sisters. 他們就像兄弟姐妹一樣。

    2.(作法, 程度等)和...一樣:He was like a son to me . 他就像我的兒子一樣。

    3.與相稱的:It's not like her to be so careless. 她通常是不會這麼粗心的。

    4.(與look, sound等連用)像要; 好像是:It looks like rain. 好像要下雨了。

    5.(與feel連用)想要:I don't feel like dancing now. 我現在不想跳舞。

    6.諸如:He does well in subjects like history and philosophy. 他在歷史和哲學這類課程上成績不錯。

    n. 名詞

    1. 同樣(或同類)的人(或事物)[the S][(+of)]:Have you even heard the like of it? 你聽見過這樣的事情嗎?

    a. 形容詞

    1. 相像的[F]:The brothers are very like. 這幾個兄弟很相像。

    2.有相同性質的; 類似的[B]:His uncle promised him $100 if he could earn a like sum. 他的伯伯答應給他一百美元, 如果他能自己掙到同樣數目的錢的話。



    1. 【口】如同, 好像:It was just like you said. 情況正如你所說的那樣。

    ad. 副詞

    1.( 常用於插入語中)可能, 多半

    2.【舊】一樣地 vt.

    1. 喜歡[+v-ing][+to-v]:She likes playing the piano. 她喜歡彈鋼琴。

    2.(用於否定句中)願意[+v-ing][+to-v]:I don't like deceiving him. 我不願意欺騙他。

    3.(與should, would連用)希望, 想, 想要[+to-v]:He would like you to make that trip. 他希望你走一趟。

    4.適合於:I like pepper but it doesn't like me. 我喜歡吃胡椒, 但胡椒不適合我的腸胃。


    1. 喜歡; 願意; 希望:You can do exactly as you like. 你愛怎麼做就怎麼做。

    n. 名詞

    1. 愛好:The two sisters share the same likes and dislikes. 這兩姊妹有相同的好惡愛憎。

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  • 1 decade ago

    The feathers were all different colors,like a rainbow.(形容詞)


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