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小林 asked in 教育與參考考試 · 1 decade ago


出泰國的地址就是訂單上抬頭的地址嗎?或者還有取貨地點,聯系人,電話,資料,有沒有什麼特別需求! 1.資料是否需要正本?2.外包要求有沒有特別?3.是否需要產地證明? 請協助求證。


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    Please kindly confirm if the consignee of Thailand is the same as P/O title? if not, please advise us the information of consignee, thanks.

    請你確認是否這泰國收件人資料是同PO(採購單)呢? 如果不是, 請告訴我們收件人資料, 謝謝.

    Besides, please kindly help to clarify some question as below, thanks a lot.

    另外, 請幫我們澄清下列一些問題, 感謝.

    1. If we have to send the original of the shipping document to you when shipping?


    2. Is there any request of the shipping mark and packing way?


    3. Will the order be made the certificate of origin?


    2011-06-03 14:52:24 補充:

    certificate of origin <-- 產證的英文

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    1 decade ago

    Is the address which is exported to Tailhaind is the title adress on

    the order ?Or is there any special need about the destination of

    getting the goods, the contact person, the telephone number and the


    1.Does the material need the context ?

    2.Is there any special requirement about the package??

    3.Does it need the certificate of the producing place???

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