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I dont get along with a family member?!?

a few months ago me and my cousin got in a huge argument & we havent talked ever since. we were bestfriends, sisters. & now its all gone down the drain. we argued ALOT. i dont agree with many of the things she does like smoke or drink. her and her friends are on a totally different maturity level then me and my friends. when we had the argument, she talked about my family not being able to afford things when the situation is the other way around. i feel alot better without her but my aunt and grandma are the only ones that think i should clear things up w. her. what should i doo!?

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    Things really need to be cleared up. It's a very hard thing to do, but i know it needs to be done. You have to go to her and apologise. Even though it may seem like she's done or said worse things to you (I don't know the circumstances), you need to tell her you are sorry for the things you said to her, and that you want to be friends again, and that you don't want anything to come between you two. Just hearing you apologise might actually make her think about the stuff shes said to you and apologise as well. Also, although you may not agree with the things she does, you need to respect her desicions. If you want, tell her you dont like the way she acts (Drinking and smoking) but dont let it come between you two and dont start an argument with her about it.

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    It's hard when it comes to family. Part of you wants to never speak to her again. But then you have to worry about pleasing the other family members. If you don't get along with her now things will be awkward at holidays and things. I would just agree to be polite to her. You don't have to be best friends, just don't be mean to her.

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    You don't have to be best friends again. But you should just clear things up with her. Just imagine if she died tomorrow and you didn't make up. How bad would you feel? It better to be at peace than at war.

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    this is your argument and you choice... i say, since you will see her at family things probably.. just act like nothing happend.. i dont mean start talking to her and be all nice just go about your buissness smile at her act as if nothing is bothering you.. maybe she will approach you and say shes sorry

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