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Islam pakistan.........?

What are your views on islam of pakistan and their government

i am not pakistani though

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    wht du mean by Islam of Pakistan?? Pakistan is not the owner of ISLAM. ISLAM is a religion. There r many countries in the world which hav majority Muslim and r economically rich !

    and cuming back to ur second question their gov is damn corrupt just like them. They r also very backward and extremist type ppl. I personally dont like the pakis as the ones I hav met till now r just stupid!!! and cheaters!!! they also stink a lot. They also slaughter live human beings and rape women. They cant be called Muslims. They suck !!!!!!!

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    Domestically Pakistanis are really nice though i dont get why they would choose an idiotic government and then when they impose heavy taxes and stuff on them and show what a looser government they really are, they then regret it. but do the same thing over again!! God!!

    Pakistan was really nice before the military dictator Zia ul Haq come into power for a whole decade of 1980's. he started this stupid ''Islamization'' which still plagues the country. i dont get it why the educated and learnt class of Pakistanis doesnt do anything

    its like they have forgotten they are one nation for after all this was the ideology on which the Pakistan was created in 1947.

    hope i helped

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    To be completely honest I'm not familiar with the Pakistani government system. I've heard it's a theocracy but I'm not sure.

    If it implements Sharia law, then it sure as hell is!

    My views, if the aforementioned is true, would be that it's ridiculous. If I was in Pakistan, I would be beheaded for apostasy.

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    every country has her good and bad things.

    Pashtun culture

    Pre-Islamic traditions, probably dating back to as far as Alexander's conquest in 330 B.C.E

    Pashtuns, predominantly Sunni Muslims who follow the Hanafite branch of Sunni Islam.

    Traditional Sufi practices of Islam are very strong in Pakistani culture.

    i don´t like so much the pakistany culutre and their religious fanatic.

    but the wildlife in their country is just amazing.


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The Islam is fine, and being practiced. The Azaan is announced daily, 5 times, Alhamdullilah. People pray, read the Quran, etc.....The government however is very corrupt. They should all be kicked out, and new officials should be elected.

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