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Why is sodium hydroxide never found in indigestion remedies?

Sodium hydroxide is a cheap, readily available compound that neutralise's hydrochloric acid. Why is sodium hydroxide never found in indigestion remedies?

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    Because it will burn a hole in your tongue, throat, esophagus, stomach and hands. You will bleed into your GI tract and die/go to ICU. It's better known as lye or drain cleaner. An old chem professor said, "it dissolves hair and grease. What are you? Hair and grease."

    If you accidentally get some on your hands in chem lab, you need to wash them immediately. You hands will feel slippery on your way running to the sink. They're slippery because your skin is being dissolved. You wear goggles for a reason as well.

    Source(s): I am a pharmacist. Don't ask about the other part. Wear gloves in chem lab if they tell you to.
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    Hello Sodium Hydroxide is very corrosive to human tissues. If you were to swallow it you would certainly die a slow agonising death!! It better to use a weak alkali like sodium bicarbonate.

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    Obviously you know NOTHING about chemistry.

    You are thinking about SODIUM BICARBONATE.

    Sodium HYDROXIDE, NaOH, is a LYE-like compound, a strong base that will rip skin off your muscles just like acid if you are dumb enough to swallow it.

    In liquid form it has a pH of 12, which is very basic.

    Source(s): Aced organic chemistry
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