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Guy who doesn't want...?


Would would you think of a guy who doesn't want to date or be intimate with a girl because his sternum protrudes (not out of the skin) in his chest area a bit? he feels that a girl deserves better than him... He's a bit over six foot, blue eyes, brownish hair, straight teeth, average weight, and is a quiet guy.


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    Flaws don't matter to those who see beyond them. He is obviously self-conscious about it and needs someone who will make him feel great about it or at least make him not avoid females just because that. He doesn't have to like it but he's gonna miss out on a great experience with a female if he can't get that thing off of his mind. Yes it's hard to forget about your flaws, but a sweet and honest person who doesn't care about those flaws will help you care less about them. I have stretchmarks on my butt. Im small too. Im also fit. I hate that about my body. I also don't shave often because of shave bumps. My bf doesn't care about all of that. I used to be really shy about my body but he makes me feel like my flaws don't exist. He builds my confidence. that's what a good female will do for this guy if he will allow her to.

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    I think that if a girl likes you for you then your sternum being slightly diff than others shouldn't bother her.. No one is perfect. Some people have big ears or noses ect.. and they are still worthy of love. Its silly to think that a girl deserves better than you just because of that.. If you are a good person and treat her right then you should feel worthy of any girls love.

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    Everyone has something. And I mean EVERYONE!!!! If you embrace who you are then and only then can you be open for love. People can not feel open or want to be around someone who is not open to sharing their differences. You should be saying.......I have this and it makes you who you are......pppshhh

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    add tan and muscular to your list and you'll be fine no matter how boring your face may be or how weird your sternum is...! LOL trust me, I know what girls want.

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    thats not possible, the girl will change him.

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