Should I wear leotards and tights without bra and underwear?

I just joined this new dance studio and last night was my first class. The female instructor which is going to be our teacher saw me wearing bra and underwear under my leotard and tights and she asks me to take it off. I've been wearing the dancing bra and panties pretty much since I start dancing and I never had any problem with it so I said I can't, I'm not feeling comfortable enough to wear tights and leotards directly. Which is the truth. Then she picked me out of the group and took me to the change room. She said I have to take it off or I can't go back to class. I almost cried coz I feel really bad but I did took them off and it just feels weird around my breat and crotch area and I couldn't focus on the moves the whole class without adjusting my leotards and tights.

I understand that it's a more strict studio but do I have to wear leotards and tights without bra and underwear? The instructor is also rude and idk if it's even legal for her ask my do it? Also any dancers know what it feels like and how to make it feel more comfortable wearing tights and leotards without bra and undies? I really want to stay in this studio btw.


Are there any health issues on wearing them directly? Like what should I pay attention to? Thanx

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    You're not really supposed to wear anything under your leo and tights. You want a smooth, clean line, not bra straps peeking out and underwear showing under your leotard. Furthermore, you cannot wear underwear during a show, unless its completely invisible, and that means a thong. Don't worry about it. Your leo and tights keep you completely covered, so you don't need to feel exposed. I do feel that your teacher went a bit overboard in making her point. Pulling you out of class and forcing you to change was an unnecessary waste of class time, embarrassing for you and frightening for the others, I'm sure. She could have just as easily pulled you aside after class and spoken with you. She could have spoken with you and your guardian to explain the rule, and the reasoning behind it. I would talk to your parent/s about it. This may not be the school for you as it seems they teach through negative reinforcement...and that doesn't work for most people. Good luck.

    Source(s): Professional dancer for over 20 years, currently teaching at the Dance Theatre of Harlem.
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    Maybe try a leotard with a built in bra :) You could also try a thong so that your dance teacher can't see your underwear but you still have it on :) I don't think it is very fair that she embarrassed you on your first dance lesson but you have to understand that that it the way some dance studios work. Certainly when you get to proffessional standards. Do go back to the studio maybe with no bra and a thong on...she can't complain then :) Good luck and enjoy it :)

    Source(s): I'm a ballet dancer :)
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    I understand the need for going without underwear in competition but not in the practice studio. Your discomfort should not be dismissed. It`s hard to focus on anything when you`re preoccupied & overly self-conscious. I would ask her what harm can come from you wearing underwear in class? What do your parents think of this rule? If they agree with you, have them speak with her. As you pay her salary, you might have more of a voice than you think. Have u tried wearing 2 leotards? If they`re the same type and size, your instructor might not notice the double up. If u try this with tights, the second layer will probably need 2B 1 size bigger. Another trick is to use paper tape (medical tape - avail. in drug stores in 1st aid section) to prevent your nipples from poking through the fabric of your leotard. The tape is breathable, doesn`t hurt to remove, & non-irritating 2 skin). Cut 2 strips (a band-aid size amount should work fine) & tape down the nipple. If u see the outline of the tape, try cutting larger pieces so they reach all the way to your armpit. Failing all of the above, there`s a line of bras & underwear available that is designed to be inconspicuous under clothing. I haven`t worn it with a leotard, but it doesn`t show under other body conscious clothing. It`s made by Jockey & should be available at major department stores (Sears, for one). The sales rep should be familiar with it. Bring your leotard to the store & try on some of the bras beneath it. If you can`t see the bra outline, you shouldn`t see the underwear outline either.

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    It's really unprofessional to wear a bra and underwear underneath your leotard and tights. Most leotards have a shelf bra, and no one else is wearing a bra either so don't worry about it. Underwear is unnecessary as well, but if you really feel uncomfortable you can wear a thong which is less noticeable. You'll get used to it after a while - and you'll have to, because you can't wear them in shows!

    Source(s): I dance at a professional ballet school.
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    Don't you think EVERYONE in that room feels uncomfortable?? :) It's ok, believe me, to feel awkward about it at first.....but don't worry! it's not only yoour studio that makes dancers do's all studios (or at least most of them)!

    There is really no way around the undies jsut looks weird if you wear them and they stick out under your tights :( but with the bra thing;...maybe you could try a sports bra?? im not very clear on your studios rules....try going on the website (if there is one) and look at the studio policies. They probably wont have any information on that....but it is worth a try.

    My studio lets us whedre sports bras and if you have a nice teacher you can wear a tee-shirt on top :)


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    well... im 12 and dance, but not professionally... i know ur not meant to but if youre only practising it should be fine... shows no way but youre practising if you have to keep stopping and adjusting it then you wont practice well... buy a leotard with a shelf bra and buy some different underwear that you can wear without them being seen... i have some... rio bikini ones....

    um... health issues... thrush i guess... not sure tho i think you can get it from wearing tights

  • 9 years ago

    If you really want to stay there and don't feel comfortable without underwear then get a thong they are less noticeable than normal and get a leotard with a built in bra or wear a strapless bra under your normal leotard

  • 5 years ago

    Most gymnasts don't wear underwear underneath their leotards.

  • 4 years ago

    you should definitely go without the bra and underwear... guys love seeing girls wearing leotards & its 10x hotter if the outfit is supertight, shiny & is worn bare. plus seeing hard nipples is a huge atrraction

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