can fish survive in unfiltered tap water?

going to put some fish in a tank but i don't know if i should put water from the hose and tap or to get filtered drinking water

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  • 9 years ago
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    Tap water is preferable. Bottled water lacks essential minerals. However, you must use a water conditioner/chlorine remover first. You cannot just throw fish in a tank of water. The tank must be cycled first, and there are some vital things you need to learn. Please go to a book store or library and get some beginner's aquarium keeping books. They can guide you step-by-step through the process of establishing a safe, healthy aquarium. If you just try to fumble your way through it, a lot of fish will die in the process, and you may give up in frustration. Much better for you (and the fish!) to learn about what you are doing from the start. Please take my word on this!

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  • 9 years ago

    You can not put a goldfish in chlorinated water, it will die. The most important thing about caring for fish is water quality. Whether your water is filtered or not you must de-chlorinate the water prior to using it for your fish.

    If you do not want to buy dechlorinator then you should store enough water in a plastic or glass containers for at least 3 days prior to use in a water change. When you perform a water change, change only half of it because doing a total change will shock your goldfish. Also keep the temperature of the water the same; 65-70 degrees is acceptable. The replacement water should be within 2 degrees of the old water. The general rule for goldfish is one gallon of water per inch of fish.

    Do not cross contaminate your fish tanks. If you add fish be sure to quarantine it for at least a week before putting it in your existing fish tank/ bowl. Also do not pour the water from the bag into your tank, allow the new fish to swim out of it then dispose of the bag and its water.

    Source(s): I have raised goldfish for 15 years from the egg stage to full adult, although they are hardy, you can not take their health for granted. You can get more advice of goldfish care from experts at
  • 9 years ago

    They can't live in tap water with chemicals, like chlorene. They need water that is pretty un-touched.

    But, you can't just plop a fish into any water. The water has to be cycled, with good bacteria. You can't have crazy water chemistry either.

    You can use any water, as long as you put start-right dechlorinator, or whatever brand you like. Then you have to cycle before you get fish, and test the water quality.

    What you need to do is research, research again, and research more about keeping fish.

    A fish is an animal, so you still have to know how to take care of it. They deserve no less than dogs and cats do.

  • 9 years ago

    The best thing for you to do is give the fish back. You obviously have not researched even the most basic knowledge about caring for fish, so you should wait and research first.

    You have to have water de-chlorinator and use it in tap water prior to putting it in your aquarium. Using drinking water is usually not a good idea since it has no mineral content and can cause pH to bounce.

    Please read the links and good luck.

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    9 years ago

    Tap water, but use a water conditioner to remove any chlorine residue that may be in there.

    Chlorine or chloramine is added by the water company to kill any organisms (bacteria etc) that may be in the water, and so make it safe to drink. It can also kill your fish.

    Any of the aquarium water conditioners will work, they chemically bind with any chlorine in the water and turn it into nice safe sodium chloride, plain salt, and a tiny amount of that is harmless to any fish.


  • 9 years ago

    Im pretty sure only goldfish have a chance they can go through alot of stuff but a tropical fish may not live very long try to put bottled water or filered into ur tank and if u dont have a filter its all right as long as u clean the tank often/wen dirty good luck with the fish

  • Fish like bass and carp can because they live in muddy water but fish sold in stores need filter. You can have 1 goldfish in a bowl and just replace the water after a week. If you have many fish you really need a filter because fish produce a large amount of waste. You also need to dechlorinate your tap water if your going to put fish in it.

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  • HD
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    9 years ago

    Yes they can I've had fish over 20 years, and I've always used tap water. Unless your locale superchlorinates your water, your fine

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i done this and the fish were fine as long as you let the water sit for a day or 2 to get to room temperature

  • 9 years ago


    maybe for a day or 2 but then they pass away :/

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