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Am i Menatlly/Emotionally stable?

Im a 17 year old Asian male. idk y i do this but i subconsciously have 1 sided convosations with myself or i constantly reapeat past convos i once had with ppl in my head until i get it "right" idk its like i have to types of ppl in my head i have a psychologist and my friend. they both never reply back i tell all my problems n issuse to my psychologist and i just crack jokes with my friend idk y i do this i have plenty friends i just do it when im by myself i also have mild mood swings and i have anxiety issuse they get even worse every few hours if i havent smoked any weed. i also have a history of ecstasy abuse i still pop but only once in a blue moon i also grew up with a meth addicted brother thats in jail right now my parents are dysfunctional my mom got in a car accident now her bodys al mest up and like she has suicidal thoughts and tryed to commite suicide when she found my my bro relapes last year my dad he just a werido his parenting views are just odd he is basically like the sterotypical mean strict asian dad. i have no emotional connection with him i. my mom on the other hand we are close but i dont really talk to her or open up to her we close but she dont really know the real me. idk its hard to explain. and a few years ago i ent cold turkey quiting ecstasy n when i went through my withdrawls with all my depression and i had no control off my emotions. i no longer have that type of depression but i do feel a wave of sadness that comes over me randomly idk... am i mentally/emotionally stable??? if not is it because of my family issuses??? idk i need some advice what is wrong with my brain???? i no family/drugs contribute to me acting werid but is it all based on just those to things??family/drugsy? or am i like this because i have sum ligit normal mental disorder that i born with? idk im just i am the way i am because of pills/weed/family? or its just me n im just werid????? cuz i no plenty of ppl that do drugs have family problems but seem normal compared to me. please help 10 points!

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    You are probably no more or no less emotionally stable than anyone else in a similar situation. You don't really know what your friends are feeling inside. Maybe they have family issues and drug problems but are appearing to cope only on the surface. Maybe when the lights go out, they feel just like you.

    If you don't want to talk to a professional about your issues, at least stop the drug use (because you could to go jail or a treatment facility). Then get involved in some activities so you don't have as much time to sit around and stew in your problems. Get involved in clubs or teams at school. Volunteer in the community or get a job (that's easier said than done, I know). Anything to get your mind off your problems and drugs. As far as the different "characters" in your head, it's just a way of coping with your internal dialogue. I don't think it's much different than a little kid having an imaginary friend.

    If you do feel like you can't take it anymore, talk to a guidance counselor or school nurse. They can refer you for appropriate help.

    How are your grades? If they are good you've got another year of school, max, then off to college and things should go upward from there. If your grades are not good, ask for tutoring or extra help to bring up your grades because college is going to be your ticket outta there. Oh and by the way you don't want to have an arrest record in college.

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