help!! hitler holocaust paper??!1?

i need a paper on how the holocaust started that wont sound like i copied it off the internet just that it will sound like a 14 year old wrote it! about 350 words please?? <3 <3 thankss

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  • 9 years ago
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    Let me get this straight. You want US to WRITE your history paper for you? Sweetie that's why it's called homework.

  • 9 years ago

    First look up why Hitler hated the Jews and then look up Krystallnacht on the Internet.

    You can also look up the Shoah Project with Steven Spielberg as a leader.

    It is very important that you, yourself, learn about this. At age fourteen, we are all responsible for learning and preventing evil like this from ever being repeated.

  • megna
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    3 years ago

    Hitler's anti Seminism probably rose from his early infatuation of a Jewish woman and his rejection from paintings college. Christian Europe for many section exchange into antisemitic long formerly Hitler arrived. He used his hate for them to unify the rustic via blaming them for each and all the matters Germany exchange into experiencing. They have been plagued by the melancholy yet so exchange into all of us else. The Lutheran Church shares extremely some the blame. They on no account spoke back to Hitler's upward thrust nor his rage against the Jews. finally, the German human beings. They went alongside with the dislike because of the fact the financial gadget greater with the dictatorship and objectives of being a international ability. adequate of them elected the Nazis so Hitler controlled the Reich stag and declared the Communists unlawful. Then with an overpowering majority he have been given the Reichstag to grant him non everlasting dictatorial powers to fulfill the synthetic crises. the 1st ingredient he did exchange into dissolve the Reichstag so they could no longer legally eliminate him. If ever a human exchange into willingly possessed via the devil, it exchange into Hitler. this is problematic to comprehend how a loser like Hitler ought to alter into the evil genius he exchange into with out the learning of the devil. We probably have not considered the final of organic evil yet. they arrive and that they circulate and circulate away thousands and thousands of ineffective of their wake.

  • 9 years ago

    Write it yourself,research this story on internet and then write it in you own words. It is not as hard as you think Here is a site to help you

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  • 9 years ago

    Hitler killed jews -insert 300 words here- the end.

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