homework help please, paper writing; holocaust?

i have a huge paper due tomorrow and please please please help. it is on the holocaust. if you would like to help you can choose these ideas

*write a school essay on how the holocaust began (300 words!)

*write a newspaper article on how the holocaust ended (250 words!)

* Write a paper on the definition of a holocaust leading in to stuff about the holocaust (250 words!!)

please only answer this if you want to help. dont asnwer anything else. THANKSS GUYSS <3


*holocaust about hitlerr and&&jews*!!!!

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    Hey girl,

    the holocaust began because many(mainly Nazis) thought that the Jews were the reasons for their problems. In detail this:-

    The Jews had previously been subject to all kinds of earlier "religious" prejudices. From the 1870s onwards a new, racial antisemitism was added to this.

    There was widespread demonization of the Jews.

    According to the first part of Ian Kershaw's biography Hitler, 1889-1939 Hubris, Penguin Books 1998 Hitler was a "lazy leader" who did not like to bother himself much with formulating day-to-day policy ... As a result, his subordinates at various levels tried to guess what he wanted. This encouraged rapidly growing extremism. The terror apparatus, headed by Himmler and Heydrich, became a very powerful lobby.

    There were all kinds of fanciful conspiracy theories about the Jews as the 'biological root' of Communism. The Nazis kept on saying, without any evidence, that 'the Jews' were enemies of Germany and so on. In fact, most German Jews were very pro-German indeed and had fought well for Germany in World War 1. Many were tragically in love with Germany, and some were reluctant to leave the country even if they were able to do so. However, fear of Communism was a powerful force in many parts of Central and Southern Europe in the interwar period, and was ruthlessly exploited by many politicians.

    The Holocaust happened because Hitler wanted to purify Germany so to speak...He wanted the Aryan Race, of which couldn't be obtained unless all Jews were gone (along with homosexuals, Gypsies, Russians...etc.) Extermination camps were a ploy for Jews...Hitler actually told them that he was just getting them out of the country and "resettling" them in Eastern Europe but ended up killing them there...

    One motive may have been robbery - it has been estimated that the Holocaust (including confiscated property and slave labour) profited the Nazis by a sum that would today be in the tens of billions of dollars. {However, according to Raul Hilberg, the value of Jewish slave labour for the Nazis was even greater].

    Nazi conquests, especially in Eastern and Eastern Central Europe (Poland and the Soviet Union) resulted in large additional numbers of Jews coming under Nazi control, thus exacerbating the Nazis' self-imposed "Jewish problem".

    The Holocaust ended in 1944 and 1945, when the Allied armies began to liberate the concentration camps one by one from July 1944 on. The Allied forces defeated and occupied Nazi Germany and took control of the country. They liberated the camps, one by one, from July 1944 onwards. For most it was too late: the victims were dead.

    As 4 the definition, I don't know!

    Sorry }:

    See ya SweetHeart


    Hitler committed suicide and after his death many leading Nazis and war criminals went into hiding for fear of punishment.

    The Allies defeated Nazi Germany, and that ended the Holocaust. There were no Allied actions that specifically targeted the Holocaust.

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    Erm ..... WHICH holocaust? The Armenian Holocaust maybe?

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_Genocide for a LOT of information.

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