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Should Ron Roenicke consider giving Marco Estrada a spot in the starting rotation over Chris Narveson?

Narveson is just an awful, awful pitcher. I'm tired of seeing him pitch. I don't even want to hear his name. The only teams that he can pitch well against are horrible offensively, so his numbers are better than they should be. Estrada, on the other hand, had only one poor start. He was fantastic in his time replacing Zack Greinke.

Do any other Brewers fans feels this way?


I may have over-exaggerated my disliking of Chris Narveson and his abilities (he's not totally horrible), but Marco Estrada is still better.

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    this was the second or third bad start for Narveson tonight. it wouldn't surprise me that if he had another bad start to see Estrada or Mitre take his place in the lineup.

    i don't think Narveson sucks, though. he'll still have a great start here and there, which is about all you can expect out of a #5 pitcher. he had a terrific second half last year, but that probably doesn't go far when you've got a new manager.

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