How do you finger a girl?

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My girlfriend let me finger her the other day and it was the first time id ever done it. it just felt so weird for me. We were laying kind of parallel so my arm had to go down and my more
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The best stimulation starts in the inner thighs then moves on to the outer labia, then you move on to stimulate the inner labia and the clitoris, and as arrousal builds up you go deeper. At least thats how I like it done... fingering too quickly or going for the clitoris right away is a bad idea, it is uncomfortable and we don't enjoy it... it would be like if she suddenly started rubbing the head of your penis frantically while your penis is flacid.
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  • HoneyBearCub answered 3 years ago
    It's the start of masturbation on the clitoris that is most important. Insertion is secondary. But be clean with no sharp fingernails and be gentle. Every female is different.
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  • Alli Tompson answered 3 years ago
    okay i have to perfect answer so read carefully.
    tell her to wear loose pant or just take them off it doesnt matter
    first tease her
    put your middle finger and index finger inside the lips or her vargina and slowly stroke it
    then if she starts to get wet use your middle finger to stroke over her hole to her clit (the tiny sircular thing) then rub her clit
    rub it fast slow both
    do what ever turns her on
    when she starts breathing heavy dont stop it means she likes it
    keep rubbing her clit with your tumb and stick your middle finger in her
    ask her if she likes it.
    keep rubing her clit.
    dont stop rubbing it!!!
    then as time goes on try and see how many fingers you can fit inside of her.
    ask her what she likes too
    remember your trying to please her.
    maybe shell help you or show you ;p
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  • LadyMerton answered 3 years ago
    a females most sensitive sex organ is her Clitoris ( not inside her vagina) and that is on the Outside
    that is why rubbing her outside area turns her on more- the vagina has few nerve endings Inside it while the Clitoris is Full of them


    read these for more info on the female body and how it works- the more you Know the better Lover you can become
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  • Katelynn answered 3 years ago
    first tell her to wear looser pants. because wearing tight pants will not do anything. so you unbutton, and slowly work your way down, rubbing the outside and such. though most guys have no idea where to rub, and the girl is just faking it the whole time, but then you use your middle finger and go in slowly, then go in and out a couple times, and then as your finger is inside of her, move it up and down. nooo, not in and out, up and down, and it will feel like a sponge sort of. that would be her g spot. and go slow, and then get fast, she will like it. seriously. i am a girl, i know what i like.
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  • Les Spidey Lynch answered 3 years ago
    if her pants are to tight, that makes it difficult to do anything. and let her tell you where to go. let her hand guide you to her pleasure centers. her cLit is one, and the the other is just inside called the g spot. it's ok to explore. talk to each other, find out what feels good for her
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