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Boy (9) Obsessed With My Breasts?

This incident just happened last night, and so I thought I'd write to get some advice since I am a little confused as to what to do at this point. I have noticed lately that my son, who will be 10 years old in early July, has taken a rather sudden interest in my breasts. Whenever we stood close to each other, he would stand only inches away with his eyes trained on my chest. I am hardly considered short. I am 5 feet 11 inches tall so his face is exactly level with my boobs (when they're helped up with a bra). I had simply dismissed it as him being a curious young boy and I have never mentioned anything about it. I think I also understood his curiosity since I've grown to a G-cup after giving birth to his baby brother, and so I have a very noticeable bosom.

Anyway, shortly before his bedtime last night, he caught me by surprise by asking me about my nipples which were very noticeable through my sweater and asked if he could see what they looked like. Although I thought it was cute, it was very much a surprise at the same time. I have always considered myself a "cool mom", or at least I've always wanted to be, so after a couple of seconds of pondering, I removed my sweater and bra to show him my breasts. At the time, I thought it was good and bad. Good because I am currently nursing my newborn which made it easier to explain the true function of the breast which was my reason for my doing it in the first place. Bad because since I am lactating, my breasts are very swollen and veiny. My very large arealae have darkened significantly, and my nipples have grown very long and thick, so my breasts are definitely not at their most attractive at this time. Actually, I don't think they're a pretty picture at all. Even so, I felt it more beneficial to show my 9 year-old due to my goal of educating him.

Well, to say the look on his face was priceless at the sight of my exposed breasts would be an understatement. At one point he pushed his chin into the left side of my stomach so that he could look directly up at my dripping nipple. I wished I had a camera to capture the look of wonder on his face.

This is where my confusion starts to come in. He asked if I could shake them. Thinking back, I see this as probably an odd request, but at the time I didn't even think about it, so I immediately started jumping up and down. We are both standing while all this is happening so he was really getting an eyefull. The sheer joy on his face somehow automatically made me jump more vigorously. After 20 or so seconds I stopped and told my son I did so because they started to hurt. Actually, I really stopped because my breasts are very heavy, and I started to get self-concious of the loud slapping sounds they were making.

Before I could compose myself, my son pulled me onto the bed. He landed on his back still clutching onto me and I was able to break my fall and stop myself from landing on him. I then heard him proceed to ask if I could come down and press my boobs in his face. When I looked down at him in my own disbelief at what I'd heard, he had already positioned himself so that his face was directly under my dangling breasts which were only an inch or two away from his wide eyes. At that moment I felt something was weird or wrong and I immediately got up and told him to go to his bed. I don't believe I yelled at him, but he knew I was serious.

What I thought started off as innocent curiosity, seemed to take a wrong turn. Am I crazy in thinking that, or is a 9 year-old normally that into boobs? Should I make this the first and last time I ever show my kid my breasts? I'm concerned that if he were to ask again, and I did, he may again go too far. He never did squeeze, suck or otherwise touch them last night, but who knows what he would have done if I allowed it to carry on. I guess what my confusion is is because of my son's bahavior last night of not only asking me to show them, but to then bounce them and then to lay on top of him and press them in his face; I'm seeing these requests as more for his sexual gratification rather then innocent curiosity. But I never even thought a 9 year-old could be sexual or have any sexual feelings. If that's the case, then I may feel somewhat uncomfortable with his leering which he has been doing as of late, and my breasts are not easy to hide because of their massive size. I don't want to feel I have to hide around my own son. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. By the way, sorry about this being so long. I could have left some details out, but I tend to go on a roll once I start writing.


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    He's getting close to his preteen years and therefore puberty. It's normal for a boy to be interested in breasts. His only source of them, though, is you. But his curiosity is normal.

    The only thing I was disturbed by in this anecdote was you. You not only exposed yourself to your son, but you jumped up and down so he could see them shake and allowed yourself to be pulled onto the bed by a nine-year-old boy with your breasts in his face. Like you can't fight off a nine-year-old's grasp! Your actions were gross and disturbing and you should have known better than to do that.

    Lastly, it's not your job to be the "cool mom". It is your job to raise your kids into fine, upstanding citizens. You are their mother before their friend. Can you have fun with them? yes, bonding with your kids is important. But you act like their best friend and they forget who's in charge. Then you have out of control kids that you can't reign back in and that's no one's fault but your own.

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    Boy (9) Obsessed With My Breasts?

    This incident just happened last night, and so I thought I'd write to get some advice since I am a little confused as to what to do at this point. I have noticed lately that my son, who will be 10 years old in early July, has taken a rather sudden interest in my breasts. Whenever we stood close...

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    Boys equate breasts with love since they are the first examples of love a boy experiences. Add to that if a boy is given this "breast love" only for a short time like for only 6 months, it creates in him a love deficit and it can only be fulfilled by suckling his wife later in life. Breastfeeding is supposed to be continued for between 2 and five years and so if cut short, a deficit occurs. He sees the love you are pouring out on his baby brother and wants some too.

    Unfortunately he is a bit old. He will soon develop his sexual identity and ancient texts say that a boy should not be breastfed past the age of 10 yrs.

    The bible says breastfeeding is where we get our ability to love and trust from. ps 22.

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    At age 9 I watched my mother pump her breast as she was weaning my younger brother.Her size was ample at that time but it was a need be thing. I thought not much about it; However I would notice older sister and I got a slap for being too attentive with my best big sis about the same time.A day later she teased me about it,and said do you want to try it again. I did not reply.

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    Unfortunately, the problem is the celebrities, and how men think these days, before the judged a girl by how they cared for them and how big is their heart, but the majority of boys these days judge a girl by the size of their breasts, it makes me sad that the olden time gentlemen type of boy is dying out.

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    well the sexual being of a child is starting earlier and earlier now a days and that was probably 50 % the other 50 % was probably curiosity and if he tries it again (stares or anything) tell him your eyes are up here *points to face* he's just being a boy you know how they get...

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    I think it's ok to experiment with your children but not at nine years old wait until they are older

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    Sounds like normal curiosity to me. You don't need to make a big thing about it: you did the right thing, but I suggest you don't "show" him your breasts again if I were you. On the other hand, don't make a big issue about hiding them when feeding your baby, for example. There will come a time when you will need to avoid changing or being naked in front of him, though.

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    ok for one thats very bad what you did, even if he asked in the best way ever he well learn when he grows up ( im a boy and saying this lol) well just tell him he well learn later in his life and he might still look, so you can't stop that and he well learn about that in school

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