A slap on the wrist for Jack?

In my opinion, OLTL really dropped the ball on the bullying storyline when Shane was being bullied by Jack and his friends. Jack basically gets a slap on the wrist??? Why?? I know it's just a storyline but I know what it's like to be bullied so I was really interested in what punishment Jack would get but come on, no punishment at all?? Sure his myface account was deleted and anytime he wants to use his computer, his Mom has to be present but why didn't Rex and Gigi press criminal charges?? With real bullying going on in school I thot OLTL would really step up and present a strong case for some punishment to be meted out but I guess not. OLTL's response is "let's not make a big deal about school bullying".

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  • 9 years ago
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    That story line isn't being dropped just yet. They just took a couple weeks to explore the others more deeply.

    The bullying will start again and Jack will be involved and it will end in a tragedy. Gigi has something to do with Jack next week. I don't remember but you can Google oltl spoilers and get the scoop.

    I hope Jack pays for what he did. Shane will be a stronger and more compassionate adult but Jack will end up a serial killer if not stopped.

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