Does Libra in Venus conjunct Mars in Pluto in Libra, opposing the ascendant in Aries, make me unattractive?

I have Venus well placed in Libra in the seventh house also... However, Venus is conjunct Mars, followed by Pluto... My ascendant is Aries and all these three planets including Beautiful Venus are opposing my Ascendant, which is the houes of appearance.... Are these bad aspects for my appearance?? What would this say about my appearance? AM I UGLY!!!!!! :'(

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    ummm, I think that someone with venus conjunct mars and pluto would be magnetic and hot! All in the 7th house? smoking!

  • GibBas
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    No, of course not. Opposite your ascendant is your descendant. These are telling you about the sort of partnership characteristics you'll probably have. Assuming these planets are within say, 8 degrees of your descendant, they will have the following influences on your partnership.

    Venus shows relationships are extremely important to you and "must" be harmonious.

    Mars shows possibilities of conflict with partners but the relationship will be dynamic.

    Pluto shows there may be power struggles in your relationships.

    With Venus in your 7th house, it should give you a charming partner but you may become self-indulgent after marriage. If Mars is in the 7th, it will give an active and aggressive partner, it will never be dull, with lots of activity mixed in with the odd argument or three. If Pluto's in your 7th house, your partner will be very intense, Scorpio like, your feelings will never be wishy-washy, it's an all or nothing thing, you either are madly in love or you absolutely hate him/her.

    All this ties in with your ascendant well though doesn't it? You want to make an impact and conquer the world.

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