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Best Ev train for Milotic.?

I catch a lot a feebas i have all natures

Wich nature should i train and what ev.?

And wich attacks.?

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    Milotic @ Leftovers

    Nature: Bold

    248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe


    Hidden Power Grass


    Ice Beam / Haze / Toxic

    Milotic's excellent 95/79/125 defenses combined with its superb Water typing cement it as an exceptional defensive Water-type. Milotic is capable of sponging hits from many top attackers in UU and either Recovering off the damage or hitting back from 100 base Special Attack. Hidden Power Grass is used to hit threats such as Feraligatr, Azumarill, and other Water-types who Milotic can wall effectively. Recover gives Milotic great utility as a self-healing bulky Water and makes it very difficult to take down.

    The last move is an issue of choice. Ice Beam can hit Altaria, Venusaur, and Torterra. However, be wary of faster Venusaur and Torterra variants, as they can easily outspeed Milotic and OHKO with their STAB Grass-type attacks. Haze is incredibly useful to remove stat boosts from opponents such as Feraligatr, Calm Mind Slowbro/Spiritomb, and others. Finally, Toxic is useful for hitting walls such as Slowbro, Tangrowth, and opposing Milotic, who are more than happy to switch into Milotic.

    In UU, Milotic can't help but be compared to the other bulky Water-types in the metagame. The two top contenders for the Bulky Water title are Slowbro and Azumarill, and each provides a significant advantage over the other. Milotic's main advantages are Haze, which allows it to take on bulky stat-increasing threats, something that Slowbro cannot do. In addition, Slowbro's secondary Psychic typing gives it weaknesses to Ghost and Dark that Milotic does not have to deal with. Milotic also has 45 more base Special Defense than Slowbro, meaning that while Slowbro makes a much better physical wall, Milotic can act as an incredibly efficient mixed tank.

    Despite Water's excellent defensive typing, it still has its issues. Powerful Electric and Grass-type attacks can still put a large dent in Milotic. As such, it is always a wise idea to have a go-to Pokémon for this purpose. Venusaur is an excellent Pokémon with which to support Milotic, as it resists Grass and Electric, can absorb Toxic aimed at crippling Milotic's walling abilities, and can also threaten opposing bulky waters with its powerful STAB Energy Ball or Leaf Storm. Registeel also resists Grass and is neutral to Electric, as well as possessing an immunity to Toxic. It also has much better Defense than Venusaur, allowing it to take physical attacks as well as special ones. Altaria has a 4x resistance to Grass and neutrality to Electric as well, and it has the potential to be more offensive than either of the aforementioned teammates.

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