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Photoshop eraser issue?

I'm using Photoshop 7, and I've never had this issue before in all the years I've used it. I'm in quick mask, using my eraser tool as a brush, and it won't let me click and drag to cover pixels. It only makes a circle where the tool was clicked, but will not let me drag to continue the coverage. Can anyone help? I'm sure it's an easy setting fix, but I can't figure it out or find info on the web to solve the problem. Thanks in advance!


Yeah, Nick, that wasn't my question. When I'm in black, I can usually click and drag my eraser for a continuous swath of color. What's happening now is that I click and it makes a spot of color where the tool is, but will not let me drag it for continuous color.

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    Why are you trying to cover pixel with the eraser tool? When you're in quick mask mode, the way to cover pixels is to switch to black (with the brush tool selected), then start painting over the areas you want to hide. Black hides, white reveals.

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