Movie. The season of the witch.?

How did it end? Is it worth my time to watch? Was it good?

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    Set in the 14th century, three women accused of witchcraft are hanged by a priest. The priest performs a ritual to prevent the bodies from coming back to life. While successfully completing the ritual for two of the bodies, the third takes on a demonic appearance and kills the priest. Meanwhile, Teutonic knights Behmen of Bleiruck (Cage) and Felson (Perlman) are engaged in a (fictional) crusade, taking part in several different battles throughout the 1330s, eventually taking part in the Smyrniote crusades. After witnessing the massacre of civilians during the 1344 capture of Smyrna, the two knights choose to desert the Order and the crusade and return to Germany.

    While traveling through Styria, they encounter the grotesque sight of people infected with the Black Death and soon discover that the Holy Roman Empire has been swept by the plague. Upon entering the medieval town of Marburg, the two try to conceal their identity as deserters, but are revealed as knights by the crest on Behmen's sword, and he and Felson are arrested. They are taken to Cardinal D'Ambroise, who is infected with the plague. The Cardinal asks the knights to escort an alleged witch suspected of causing the plague, to a remote monastery where an elite group of monks reside, capable of determining if the girl is truly a witch. If she is found guilty, the monks know a sacred ritual that can cancel her powers, and stop the plague that is devastating Europe. The two knights agree under the condition that she will be given a fair trial and that the charges of desertion against them are dropped. The Cardinal agrees, and they set out accompanied by a priest Debelzeq, Kay of Wollenbarth, a young altar boy who wants to become a knight like his deceased father, Eckhart, a knight whose family were killed by the plague, and the well-traveled swindler Hagamar who is serving as their guide to the monastery in return for a pardon. The witch, a young girl later identified as Anna, shows hatred towards Debelzeq and forms a bond with Behmen.

    Shortly after setting off, the group camp for the night, and Eckhart volunteers to watch the witch for the first night. After a while, Debelzeq comes to relieve Eckhart, who decides to remain with him. He tells Debelzeq about his daughter Mila, who resembled Anna. When Eckhart gets up to leave, Anna becomes hysterical at the prospect of being left alone with the priest, attacking him and grabbing his key to the cage. She escapes and flees toward a nearby village. The search for her leads the group to a mass grave, where Eckhart has visions of his dead daughter. Running after the visions, he impales himself on Kay's sword and dies. When they recapture her, the tearful Anna explains that she only ran away for fear of Debelzeq. One man down, the group become less trusting of Anna. The group manage to successfully cross a rickety rope bridge, during which Anna saves Kay from falling to his death by grabbing him with one hand, showing an unnatural strength. The group enter the dark forest called Wormwood, where Hagamar attempts to kill Anna so the group can go home, only to be stopped by the others. Anna appears to summon wolves, who chase the group and kill Hagamar. An enraged Behmen tries to kill Anna, but is stopped by Felson, who points out that the monastery is in sight.

    Arriving at the monastery, the men find all of the monks have been killed by the plague but locate the Key of Solomon, an ancient book filled with holy rituals used to defeat evil. The men confront Anna, with Debelzeq beginning to perform a ritual used on witches. However, as Anna begins precisely recanting stories from Behmen's past, Debelzeq comes to the realization that she's not a witch, and begins frantically performing an exorcism. However, the demon that is possessing Anna reveals itself and melts the metal. The demon effortlessly fights off the knights, but when Debelzeq throws a vial of holy water on it, it flies away out of sight. As the men search for the demon, they come to the realization that it isn't trying to escape, but is trying to destroy the book so that nothing can stop it. When they find a room where the monks were writing copies of the book, the demon appears, destroys the copies and possesses the dead monks' bodies to use as weapons. The three men fight the possessed monks while Debelzeq continues the exorcism ritual. During the fight, the demon kills Debelzeq, then proceeds to kill Felson. Kay picks up the book and continues the ritual, while Behmen continues fighting the demon. Behmen is mortally wounded during the fight, but Kay is able to finish the ritual and the demon is obliterated, freeing Anna. Behmen asks Kay to keep Anna safe, then dies of his wounds.

    Kay and Anna bury their fallen friends, and Anna requests that Kay tell her about the men who saved her; they depart from the monastery with the book in hand.

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    The ending: the witch is, in fact, a demon possessing a young woman. She's fooled the knights (Cage, etc.) into bringing her to a remote monastery, where she, in demon form, tries to set in motion a generic apocalypse. Cage sacrifices himself saving the world, and the girl is freed from the demon. She rides happily into the sunset.

    It's a very cheesy movie. It has guilty-pleasure value, and Claire Foy gives a legit, nicely creepy performance as the accused witch, but it's definitely not of a high quality.

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    Ky is burying Felson, Debalzaq and Behman with the girl at his side. She says they gave so much, and she does not know what to say. Ky tells her to speak from the heart. She says that her name is Anna and that she will always be grateful to them. They get on their horses, and Anna asks Ky to tell her all about them. They ride off together with the book of Solomon in Ky’s saddle bag. Anna (in a voice over) says that the plague came to an end that day and that people would never know the truth about what happened.

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    Season Of The Witch Kay

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