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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureHolidaysRamadan · 9 years ago

Why do shia cut themselves during Aashura?

Why do shia cut themselves during Aashura?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    To warm up before the torment of Hell

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    @Mary - the 12'ver shia: (this is for you - so plz, read with me)

    The Shia will oftentimes use Taqiyyah (lying to save one’s religion) when asked about Matam.

    We often hear Shia, particularly in the West, saying that beating oneself during Matam is actually forbidden in the Shia religion, and that it is only ignorant and “extremist” Shia who do that. This is a bold-faced lie, and we shall prove it here. In fact, the opposite is true: any Shia who claims that self-flagellation is notMustahabb (highly recommended) is either lying or ignorant of his religion. All of the Shia Maraje’ (high scholars) are agreed that beating oneself is not only allowed in Shi’ism, but rather it is encouraged.

    On Ayatollah Sistani’s official website,, we find:

    >>Question: What is the ruling on beating our backs with chains only during Muharram rituals?

    Answer: “It is permissible.”

    (Source: Ayatollah Sistani’s official website, )

    We find the following responses by Ayatollah Lankarani on his official website:

    >>Q2: It so happens that people beat their chests and their backs with chains and their bodies turn red and even start bleeding. Is it permissible?

    >>A2: It is permissible and even preferable provided that it does not cause significant harm to the body.

    (Source: Ayatollah Lankarani’s official website, )

    Thus, there can be no question about the practise of self-flagellation in the Shia faith: it is Mustahabb (highly recommended), and this is the opinion of all of the ranking Shia Maraje’.

    Do read MORE such fatawas! in case you STILL find urself "confused'' about this 'issue. ^_^

    Ayatollah al-Kho’i, the former leader of the Hawzah of the holy city of Najaf, was asked the following question.

    >>Question: Is there any problem with causing the bleeding of the head – TATBIR – as it is practiced, to express one’s grief about the martyrdom of our Imam Hussain peace be upon him, assuming there is going to be no permanent harm?

    *Answer by Ayatollah al-Kho’i: “There is no problem with that, given the assumption made in the question, and Allah knows best.”

    >>Question: You stated that there is no problem in causing the bleeding of the head – known as TATBIR – if it does not lead to harm. It is said that it is not more than a permissible act, then can TATBIR be MUSTAHAB (highly recommended) – desirable – if the intention was the upholding and honouring the Sha’a’er – signs of Allah – and sympathy with the Ahl-ul-Bayt, peace be upon them?

    *Answer by Ayatollah al-Kho’i: “Most probably Allah Almighty would give thawab – reward (the individual) – for sympathising with the Ahl-ul-Bayt if the intention is sincere.”

    Ayatollah al-Sistani, the current leader of the Hawzah of the holy city of Najaf, was asked the following question.

    Source(s): >>Question: What is the ruling regarding the lashing with chains, chest beating, and walking on fire on the occasion of mourning the martyrdom of Imam Hussain peace be upon him? *Answer by Ayatollah al-Sistani: “If (these are) not associated with extreme harm or loss of limb, there is no objection.” >>Question: What is the ruling regarding wearing black, and chest beating when commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussain peace be upon him, as well as other infallible Imams peace be upon them? *Answer by Ayatollah al-Sistani: “This is permissible, and in fact this is regarded as one of the best means of seeking nearness to Allah, since it is upholding and honouring the Sha’a’er of Allah Almighty.” [This is a reference to the Qur’anic Ayah 22:32]
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  • 9 years ago

    Because the faith of Islam is perfect, it does not allow for any innovations to the religion.

    However, the Shia have added many innovations to the faith, and this is why they are called Ahlel Bidah (the People of Bidah). One such Bidah (innovation) is the practise of Matam, in which the Shia beat themselves in Muharram on the day of Ashura.

    The Shia will slap their chests, beat their backs, and involve themselves in other practises in order to “commemorate” the dead.

    .As for the Ahlus Sunnah, they are saddened by the wrongful death of Hussain (رضّى الله عنه). He is one of the many great heroes of Islam that died in the Name of Allah. However, the Ahlus Sunnah does not engage in self-flagellation or self-mutilation, which are both considered strictly Haram (forbidden).

    The Prophet (صلّى الله عليه وآله وسلّم) forbade barbaric practises like such, and he said: “No harm may be inflicted on oneself.”

    Do the Shia really think that Hussain (رضّى الله عنه) would appreciate people engaging in self-flagellation and self-mutilation? If Hussain (رضّى الله عنه) were alive today, he would think that these people have lost their minds.

    We ask the reader if he would want his family to commemorate his own death in such a manner? No sane person would want his death commemorated in such a manner, no matter how unfair or how violent his own death was. So why do the Shia assume that Hussain (رضّى الله عنه) would want his death to be remembered in such a barbaric way?

    We can find no sane person on this earth who would want people to beat themselves up. It is completely abnormal and barbaric to beat oneself up even if to mourn the loss of a close one. This was a practise of the Jahiliyyah Arabs and the Prophet (صلّى الله عليه وآله وسلّم) forbade it, as well as the Quran. Allah Almighty condemns the pagans for the barbaric way in which they would worship:

    “Their [pagan] prayer at the House (of Allah) was nothing but whistling and clapping of hands; therefore taste the punishment because you used to disbelieve!” (Quran, 8:35)

    The Quran looks down on these barbaric and native ways of prayer which make the Muslim look like a wild tribesman and nothing more. In any case, there are better avenues of channeling grief, including reading Quran and being a good Muslim. What better way to commemorate the loss of Hussain (رضّى الله عنه) than by trying to rid the world of evil and barbarity?

    A person could donate money to the poor, create a trust fund in the name of the deceased, etc etc….the options for channeling grief are almost infinite, so why beat oneself up?

    What does it accomplish? We can only wonder why the Shia follow a faith that advocates such barbarity.

    Source(s): YouTube - Flogging rituals (Tatbir) in the religion of Shi'ism. @Mary: Sister, I hope you are well, I just needed to ask u one simple question: Do i need to quote from your BOOKs or ur SCHOLARs to prove that u r ignorant about ur own faith i.e. shia'ism?
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    um, just a heads up, that Imran guy's a bit dodgy...

    My parents told me the cutting thing was a sign of empathy- sort of getting in touch with the pain of Ali's death I guess.....

    So, because Shia's believe that the next in line was Ali, they cut themselves as they regard Ali very highly and its a sort of sacrifice almost in the form of pain.....

    Something like that/....

    BTW. shia was NOT the origin of Islam....Islam was first a whole then split in to two defined groups

    Source(s): ...
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  • 9 years ago

    Because, there are extremeists in everything, including shisim okay? it is forbidden to cut yourself during ashura, those people who do cut themselves are sadly mistaken as they are doing something wrong in shisim.

    @Mew mew no lol, cutting is not allowed.

    @Allah is my witness, no you don't because I know every marjah does not permiss cutting, apart from the marjah shirazi and thats a minoirty! I know very well what shias are allowed and not allowed to do so just shut up and listen.

    Source(s): Shia
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  • 9 years ago

    Because they're are idiots thats why. Just like some sunnis kissing the legs of some imams in a cave somewhere in Afghan/Pakistan.

    Edit: Enjoy

    Youtube thumbnail

    Did i mention they're sunni?

    Want more?

    1 MILLION+ Iraqis (Sunni/Shia) died during Iraq invasion due to LIES and we here saying, " Ooh my daddy is better than your daddy. No! Mine is better than yours."

    Me Sunni Muslim.

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  • 9 years ago

    LOL @ "LOL"

    short answer is shiites (most of them except zaydis) are kaffirun.... they try to pass this sick practice off as islam. that's what they've always done, try to break up islam and introduce bidah..

    May Allah destroy shiites and their pupppet masters in this life and the next. Ameen.


    yes Brother Saleh is right, they are ashamed they murdered Hossayn RA

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Shia don't follow Islam, Shiism has nothing to do with Islam

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  • 4 years ago

    for the same reason Jews cut off foreskins off their penises

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  • 5 years ago
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    • Moji5 years agoReport

      Here you can find the history and more information about this bloody blood ritual:

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