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    Based on a literature review, the methods, Paiwan the snake species, and analysis of the snake element. In a creative method of the Paiwan tribe based on the snake, the snake element converted from the simple lines of the form, with different design and color with the use of make-up design application in the production of innovative design.

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  • PONY
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    This research is initially conducted by use of the literature review, through which we can figure out the varieties of the Tribe Paiwan’s totems of Hundred-pace Snakes, and analyze the components of these icons. Then, based on such an analysis result, we come up with our own invention to convert these components into simple forms of lines and silhouette, with the combination of varied designing ideas and well-matched coloring, aiming at applying our innovation to the practice of renewed make-up artistry.

  • Rita
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    This research by the literature discussion method, understood first row of bay race long-noded pit viper totem the type, and analyzes the long-noded pit viper totem element. In take will create the law to arrange the bay race long-noded pit viper totem analysis as the foundation, will transform the simple line form by the long-noded pit viper totem element, will have the innovation design with the different design idea and the color matching utilization in the cosmetics design application.

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