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What fish can live peacefully with an African Clawed Frog?

Was given an ACF last weekend. He was in a tank with 2 large catfish, a large Pleco and a good-sized (about 2½") blue & red Columbian Tetra. I don't know much about ACFs (I've never kept frogs and have no desire to). We traded in the fish, but kept the frog because my husband likes him. I got another blue & red Columbian Tetra (only one the fish store had), and 10 tiny Cories. When I released them into the tank, it was only moments before the frog tried to eat a couple of my Cories! I netted him out and put him in the 30 gallon tank, but I don't intend to maintain that tank just for a single frog! What could live peacefully with him? Appreciate serious answers from knowledgeable fish keepers. Any useful tips on caring for this frog would also be helpful. Thanks!

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    I have 3 ACF and it's really best for them to live in a species only tank. They are carnivorous and WILL try and eat anything that they can put in their mouths. I have heard of people successful on keeping them with fish but you have to be very careful and expect that the frogs will hurt them or they will hurt the frog.

    These frogs are a big responsibility. Much bigger that I expected in the beginning. This is a wonderful site with a lot of great information.

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    I used to have 2 African Clawed Frogs but now I only have one. I had a female and a male but my Female ACF killed the male. I have tried putting other fish in the tank with her and she kills them all no matter how much larger they are than her, I had an angelfish that at the time was about double her size and she still managed to kill it. I feed her mostly a mixture of any type of worm and also she eats minnows. One type of fish to never put into their tank is goldfish, if they eat them it will block their body from absorbing vitamin b. Hope This is helpful!

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    So far ive had very few problems housing my acf with my other fish, however my acf did kill my overly aggressive beta. Which actually seemed to be it, other than him eating my ghost shrimp. He even lives peacefully with my loaches and guppies. He and my pleco dont really get along, but the frog doesnt attack he prefers to flee. So I think you can manage as long as hes well fed and you keep the bottom feeders larger than him.

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    My experience is that the African clawed frog will eat fish, prawns, loaches, other frogs - they are voracious. I don't think by feeding the frogs well precludes the frogs from eating the other fish. They are CARNIVOROUS and big eaters. At night they can eat almost any fish they can catch

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    I heard that as long as the fish is bigger than the frog, then it is ok. but really, it is never a good idea to keep fishes with frogs. even Betta fishes are not good frog companions.

    check this page for information on caring african clawed frogs

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    any fish that is bigger than the ACF is ok iv never had a prop wit mine as my fish are bigger and faster than the ACF, but i do feed the ACF defrosted prawns (cooked) hope this helps

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